Ankara Halk Ekmek on the Field with Mobile Vehicles

ankara public bread on the field with mobile vehicles
ankara public bread on the field with mobile vehicles

Ankara Public Bread Factory deployed its mobile vehicles in the field to meet the increasing demand after the increase in bread prices and to prevent citizens from being victimized. Explaining that the People's Bread Factory has increased its daily bread production to 1 million, Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş said, “The queues in front of the People's Bread kiosks upset us all. In order to prevent these images, we will also produce at our Halk Bread Factory on Sundays, and we will sell from our mobile bakeries and kiosks.”

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş announced that the People's Bread Factory has increased its production capacity to 1 million per day in order to meet the increasing demand.

Announcing that the prices of Halk Bread will not be changed until the flour stocks are depleted after the hike in the bread prices in the market, and that it will be sold for 1 lira and 25 cents, Yavaş said in his last post on his social media accounts, “The queues in front of the People's Bread kiosks upset us all. In order to prevent these images, we will also produce at our Halk Bread Factory on Sundays, and we will make sales from our mobile ovens and kiosks," he said, adding that they will prevent the grievances of the citizens.


Metropolitan Municipality Public Bread Factory took new measures after the sale price of 200 grams of normal bread in the market increased from 1,75 TL to 2,25 TL.

2 mobile ovens first started to serve in the districts of Sincan and Keçiören. Visiting the mobile bakery in Keçiören district, Halk Ekmek General Manager Volkan Gönenç gave the following information about the measures taken:

“We are living in a very busy period. Bread demand has increased tremendously. We have increased our factory to full capacity and we are producing more than 1 million breads per day. In order to better serve our citizens, we serve in regions where there is a high density, in addition to the breads we produce at the factory, as well as in our mobile bakeries.”

Apart from the mobile vehicles that will serve in Akyurt, Pursaklar, Mamak and Polatlı districts, additional vehicles will also provide support to the neighborhoods where density is experienced.

While the bread purchases were limited to 10 pieces, the citizens who shopped from the mobile bakery, which started to serve in the Keçiören district Pınarbaşı Mahallesi Fatih Caddesi District Police Department, expressed their satisfaction with the following words:

-Senol Altinbas: “I have been living in Keçiören for 30 years. It's a huge hike in bread. God bless the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality and the People's Bread Factory. We are very pleased that they are selling for the same price.”

-Ercan Interest: “We were very pleased that the breads were sold at the same price. In Keçiören, the number of people living in financial difficulties and retired people is high. I would like to thank our Metropolitan Municipality for helping the citizens not only in this matter, but also in every subject.”

-Canberk Sezer: “The bread has been raised, but the fact that Halk Ekmek did not raise is a very good thing for the citizens. It is still being sold at an affordable price, very nice.”

-Naciye Yukari: “We would like to thank our President Mansur. No queues, thank you. We are very pleased that Halk Ekmek is clean, affordable and satisfying.”

-Let's smile: “It was very nice that the bread was not raised. We can't afford other breads."


Continuing to provide service to the public with quality products and affordable prices, the General Directorate of Public Bread will continue to tour the district with mobile ovens in order to deliver 250 grams of bread produced under hygienic conditions to wider masses.

Halk Bread Factory, which produces 58 breads per day with its mobile bakery at the address of Sincan District, Tandoğan Mahallesi Ata Caddesi No: 1/2, also allows citizens to watch the production process live.

People of Sincan, who stated that they can reach the bread they love with pleasure, thanks to the mobile oven, thanked them with the following words:

-Servet Yucel: ''I was very satisfied with the bread application of Halk Bread Factory in mobile bakeries. We also see the conditions under which the bread was produced. Bread sold in markets is very expensive. If it were not for People's Bread, the situation of the citizens would be more difficult.”

-Zahid Yigit: "I am very pleased with the mobile bakery service and thank you very much for selling bread cheaper than abroad."

-Harun Tanriverdi: “I am very pleased that it is done in mobile bakeries, we see the bread production live. I would also like to thank Halk Ekmek for selling bread to the public at affordable prices.”

-Hassan Ay: “I always buy my bread from Halk Ekmek and I am very satisfied. As a minimum wage employee, I thank him very much for not increasing the bread prices.”

- Recep Bagkara: “I like the way bread is produced in mobile bakeries, so that citizens can see the conditions under which the bread is produced live. I would like to thank Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, who thought of the citizen and did not raise the bread.

People's Bread Factory will be open on Sundays and will sell bread at a total of 421 points, including 7 Public Bread Buffets, 4 Başkent Market branches, 4 Factory Outlets and 436 Başkent Buffets serving throughout the city.

Günceleme: 30/11/2021 13:08

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