Akçaray Tram Line Refreshes Record

Akçaray Tram Line Refreshes Record
Akçaray Tram Line Refreshes Record

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality TransportationPark A.Ş. The buses operated by the company broke the travel record in October. The buses covered a distance of 2.438.943 km and made 85.576 trips. The buses managed to transport their passengers to all districts of Kocaeli by carrying 2.476.497 passengers. The buses, which offer a clean, comfortable and safe journey to the citizens, did not leave a point, so to speak.


The Akçaray tram line, which serves citizens along the 18-km round trip line with 20 trams, also broke the record. Increasing the number of passengers carried in one day to 1, Akçaray transported the citizens to their destinations quickly, safely and comfortably. Citizens enjoy a safe journey with Akçaray, Marka Kent's Brand Tram, which has been frequently preferred since the day it was opened. Akçaray, which carries out an average of 53.613 trips every day with a total of 18 trams, continues its voyages without stopping.


Buses and trams preferred by citizens broke new records. The reasons for preference were determined as comfort, safe and clean transportation. With the trainings given to the drivers and horsemen, the service quality was ensured to reach the highest levels. With the UV Filters installed on all of the trams during the pandemic, the air quality in the vehicle increased to the highest levels, and the quality of the journey increased to the highest levels. The positive feedback of the passengers and the quick and instant resolution of requests also played a leading role in renewing the records.

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