Airbus Enhances Innovation Environment with Airbus Scale

airbus improves its innovation environment with airbus scale
airbus improves its innovation environment with airbus scale

Airbus Scale is a new innovation unit that brings together Airbus' innovations, start-up deals and company formation events. This will support Airbus' recovery and growth and contribute to the development of future programs and businesses as part of the company's zero-emissions goal. This new unit strengthens Airbus' other Airbus innovation centers, such as Acubed in Silicon Valley, Airbus China Innovation Center (ACIC) in Shenzhen, and Airbus UpNext technology startup, and the overall innovation landscape at Airbus.

“Pioneering sustainable aviation is a collective challenge, and innovation is at the heart of it,” said Sabine Klauke, Airbus Technical Director. By establishing Airbus Scale, we will save new companies from being idle with our existing internal knowledge and know-how. We will also work to seek out and recruit start-ups with relevant technology to Airbus for our future goal of zero emissions. “This additional leverage for our innovation strategy will help create the ecosystem we need on the road to net zero.”

The new innovation unit is a development that demonstrates Airbus' approach to internal and external innovation activities. Building on our experience with BizLab over the past seven years, Airbus Scale will bring together and diversify entrepreneurship and start-up partnerships to build and grow co-financed, profitable, full-fledged businesses and further expand Airbus' competitive advantage.

With this approach, Airbus Scale will promote and identify in-house innovation opportunities that can be solved for the outside world, bring them to market, and evaluate external investments that can lead to spin-offs, in order to create value for Airbus.
In parallel, Airbus Scale will fund and partner late-stage start-ups to mature and develop technological innovations and products, and bring together internal concepts and external start-up data for mutually beneficial collaborations. Either way, Airbus Scale facilitates and enables a more effective innovation ecosystem.

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