Seçer: 'We Want to Lay the Foundation of the Metro in the 100th Anniversary of the Liberation of Mersin'

Seçer: 'We Want to Lay the Foundation of the Metro on the 100th Anniversary of the Liberation of Mersin'
Seçer: 'We Want to Lay the Foundation of the Metro on the 100th Anniversary of the Liberation of Mersin'

📩 01/11/2021 10:01

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer was the guest of the live broadcast of the program "From the Mediterranean to the Taurus" broadcast on TRT Çukurova Radio. In the program where Mersin's agenda and services were discussed, Mayor Seçer stated that the works of the Metropolitan Municipality will continue to increase steadily and said, "The people of Mersin should look to the future with hope and look with confidence." Evaluating the metro project, President Seçer said, "Everything suits Mersin, the metro will also suit it".

“We want to lay the groundwork together with the people of Mersin on January 3”

Evaluating the metro project as the biggest project in local administrations in Mersin's history and the biggest investment in terms of money, Seçer said, “On Mersin's 100th Independence Anniversary; you know it is an extremely important day for us; January 3, 1922 is the day Mersin was liberated from the French occupation. On that day, we want to lay the groundwork together with the people of Mersin.” Saying that the construction site installation works were carried out by the contractor company, Seçer gave information about the route of Mersin Metro.

Stating that they will integrate the socio-cultural and socio-economic structure of Mersin by connecting 4 central districts with rail systems thanks to the metro, Mayor Seçer said that people from every socioeconomic structure will use the metro regardless of their income level. Emphasizing that the metro is a belated investment for Mersin, Seçer said, “It was built 150 years ago in Europe. The fact that this system, which was built in America, the Far East and Russia, is being implemented in Mersin 1,5 centuries later is of course a delayed project, but at least everything has a beginning. Together with us, we will start the rail systems era on January 3rd. Everything suits Mersin, and the metro will suit it very well," he said.

“We will continue to increase our contribution to education day by day”

Emphasizing the importance of education for the development of Mersin, Mayor Seçer said that the number of educated individuals should increase for the development of Mersin. Seçer said, “Being everywhere in the world, being in decision-making mechanisms, changing history, being able to make inventions, being an active individual is all through education. For this reason, we are mobilizing all kinds of opportunities when we are making a budget for our children's education. "We are trying to do whatever we can do," he said. Mayor Seçer talked about the projects carried out by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality in the field of education, from the Laundry Cafe service for students to learning aids, from Education and Training Support Course Centers to milk distribution, and said, “Education is important. We will continue to contribute to education by increasing it day by day.”

“We are in every field of agriculture”

Stating that as Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, they support especially small family businesses in the field of agriculture, Mayor Seçer explained the projects they have implemented in the field of agriculture and livestock, from the Let's Support Our Village Project to the Gain Project, from seedlings, saplings and equipment support to the distribution of irrigation pipes. Drawing attention to the sustainability of these projects, Seçer said, “We have implemented very good projects and they are sustainable. You have to do the job seriously. You really need to see and get the result of a job you start. It's not groping, political work. Our people can be sure of this. Because we allocate very valuable budgets for them, and these resources are the resources deducted from the taxes of our citizens and transferred to us. In this sense, I want to underline this carefully," he said.

“The people of Mersin should look to the future with great hope and confidence”

Mayor Seçer emphasized that when he thought about Mersin's demographic, cultural, historical and natural beauties, he saw a tremendous future for the city and said, “Mersin will be very good, it will be very beautiful. The economy will get better here every day," he said. He asked the people of Mersin to look to the future with hope. Seçer continued:

“We have become a city in the 5th, 6th and 7th ranks with an economic size and a tax collection capacity. This will be carried to higher levels. This, of course, will be reflected in the city as prosperity. It is a region where people from all regions, from east to west, from north to Central Anatolia, come and enrich it, that is, it has received intense internal migration. There is thus a cultural mosaic here. When you put all these together, the people of Mersin will look to the future with great hope and confidence. As the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk said, as long as the people of Mersin should take care of Mersin.”

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