Trabzon Transportation Master Plan is Prepared with Common Mind

Trabzon Transportation Master Plan is Prepared with Common Mind
Trabzon Transportation Master Plan is Prepared with Common Mind

The second of the Future Situation Assessment Workshops was held within the scope of the Transportation Master Plan, which is among the projects that Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu attaches great importance and which will solve the transportation problem of the city.

The 'Future Situation Assessment 2nd Workshop' of the Transportation Master Plan, on which Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality has been working meticulously for a long time, was held. to the workshop; TTSO President Suat Hacısalihoğlu, faculty members, NGO representatives, heads of departments and members of the press attended.


Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu informed the participants about the progress of the Transportation Master Plan, which was carried out meticulously. Stating that he was pleased to be together with the dynamics of the city at the workshop held to talk and discuss the transportation issue, which is very closely related to the future of Trabzon, Mayor Zorluoğlu used the following expressions; “We are organizing the 2nd Transportation Master Plan workshop today. The Transportation Master Plan is a plan that, by its nature, should be prepared with a participatory approach. We did the first one in July. In the third workshop we will hold in December, the Transportation Master Plan will be shaped to a large extent.”


“I am very pleased that you are here to contribute to our Trabzon's Transportation Master Plan, which we are trying to prepare with the horizon of 2040, and I thank you all individually. The more the interest of the social segments in the social issues of this city increases, the higher our motivation for the solution of these issues, as managers. We built a very good team. We have a good academic team. We have teachers from both Karadeniz Technical University and Pamukkale University, a very serious team of experts, and our city's sons. This project brings together both academic knowledge and experience and local knowledge. And hopefully, with a very good blending, we will complete the Transportation Master Plan of Trabzon in the best way, which will shed light on the solution of transportation issues for the next decades.”


“While the Transport Master Plan works are continuing, on the other hand, the Sustainable

It was very good for our city that the Urban Mobility Strategy and Action Plan were put into practice and that they came together simultaneously. A great Transportation Council was held in Istanbul in the past weeks. There we signed the protocol of the 4.8 million Euro SUMP Project with our Minister of Transport. Bidding processes will begin and be completed next year, and work will begin in Trabzon as soon as possible. The basic philosophy here is to move from the traditional approach where vehicles are prioritized to an approach where people and pedestrians are more prominent. This is how I summarize SUMP. On the one hand, we are making a master-level planning in Trabzon, but there are serious problems faced by pedestrians and vehicles in daily life. We believe that these can be solved with the sub-breakdowns of these plans. Here, together with both the Transportation Master Plan and the SUMP, we aim to raise Trabzon to a much better point, to a civilized level.”


“If I need to be a little more specific, we went up Boztepe from Meydan in the morning. Although it was morning hours, we saw that the sidewalks were actually occupied by vehicles at many points. Normally, sidewalks are areas allocated to pedestrians and desired to be uninterrupted. But I regret to say in Trabzon, there is a problem in this regard. There is an understanding that the sidewalks are areas made for parking of vehicles. We need to break this. If we are going to encourage people in Trabzon to drive less and engage in more physical activity for a healthy life, we must create pavements in Trabzon where people can walk comfortably when they go out. In this sense, we have both physical deficiencies and a lack of understanding.”


We are working hard on our physical deficiencies. As you know, we are currently doing an infrastructure work. Since the first time I shared the infrastructure work with the public last year, I have been saying that we do not only renew rain water, drinking water, sewerage, telecommunication. We are also renewing the superstructure with these works. So we are arranging the roads, we are trying to standardize the pavements. And in our pavement works, we see that many buildings have physical occupations. We pull them back. We have seen many shopkeepers occupying the sidewalks in various ways. We eliminate them. We couldn't find a solution in the short term other than putting physical barriers there as the only way to prevent vehicles from getting onto pavements. Therefore, from now on, we will see physical obstacles for a while on the sidewalks of all roads in the road network of Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality, although we do not like it aesthetically, unfortunately. This has to continue until the pedestrians in Trabzon take care of their own roads and vehicles own theirs. Our inspections and training activities will continue.


“Our goal in Trabzon, just like a developed European country, is to enable people to use the sidewalks uninterruptedly without any vehicles or other obstacles in front of them when they go out on the street, and to travel the distance they really desire comfortably with appropriate pedestrian crossings and appropriate markings. We are working hard to take measures to increase comfort in this regard. We will put this regulation into practice decisively and decisively, starting with our great paths in the first place. When a brother in Trabzon sets out on foot, we will redesign the pavements, roads and intersections of this city with the understanding of integrity that he can easily reach every part of Trabzon. From this, we will use both the data of the Transportation Master Plan and the data that will be revealed by the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan that will begin.”


“In this meeting, we will evaluate the future of Trabzon in the light of the data. In this workshop, we will take your perspective, evaluations, ideas and criticisms on the transportation issue in Trabzon with the horizon of 2040. Our teachers will share their valuable ideas. The Transportation Master Plan has been talked about for many years in this city. Thank God we made the tender in our period and serious work began. We are glad to see the interest of the city in this plan. Your interest in this plan and the city allows us to be constantly alert and increase the dynamism with these meetings. I would like to thank the esteemed treasurer, our teachers for their meticulous work, our contractor, the personnel in the person of our TULAŞ General Manager, the personnel in the person of our Transportation Department Head and all my friends who contributed. May our workshop be beneficial for Trabzon.”


Following the statements of Mayor Zorluoğlu, the dynamics of the city participating in the workshop listed their views and suggestions regarding the Transportation Master Plan. The workshop, in which the common mind was at the forefront, was followed with great interest by the participants.

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