Storm in Istanbul Will Be Effective Until 17:00

Storm in Istanbul Will Be Effective Until 17:00
Storm in Istanbul Will Be Effective Until 17:00

Due to the southeastern storm and heavy rain in Istanbul; 4 people lost their lives and 46 people were injured. 141 roofs were blown off, 297 trees fell, 519 hazardous parts fell, 36 vehicles were damaged, and 52 traffic lights and signposts were knocked down. The storm, which is expected to be effective until 17:00 in the evening, negatively affects traffic and some public transportation vehicles. IMM Teams, who are on the alert, are quickly responding to the events.

The wind, which has been effective in the form of a storm from the south with precipitation since Saturday, became more intense as of Monday (yesterday) morning and became effective in strong storm intensity. With the wind reaching 130 km/h in Beylikdüzü, 125 km/h in Arnavutköy and 121 km/h in Çatalca, heavy rain showers (between 15-25 kg) were experienced in places. Storm and rainy weather lost its effect last night (22:00).

It is estimated that the storm (50-80km/h), which has been effective again with heavy rain in our western districts since morning hours today, will be effective in the European side in general and around the Bosphorus in the following hours, and will leave our region towards the evening hours (17.00).

It was stated that 4 people lost their lives and 46 people were injured due to the storm throughout the province. Due to the storm, 141 roofs were blown, 297 trees fell, 519 dangerous parts were scattered, 36 vehicles were damaged, and 101 traffic lights and signposts were damaged.

In the last 24 hours, Eminönü and Beykoz received 30 kg of precipitation per square meter, Kadıköy28 kg fell on Istanbul, 22 kg on Kağıthane, 21 kg on Kemerburgaz and 16 kg on Eyüp.

Istanbul Strait crossings were closed to ship traffic. There are disruptions in the sea transportation services of the City Lines due to adverse weather conditions. Maçka-Taşkışla and Eyüp-Piyer Loti Cable Car lines were closed for operation due to strong storms. Due to adverse weather conditions on the 15th of July Martyrs Bridge, traffic was sometimes provided in one lane in both directions.

Due to the storm, 1.094 storm reports came to IMM from across the province. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality teams (Fire Brigade, Park Gardens, Constabulary, Road Maintenance, IMM Traffic, Environmental Protection, IETT, Metro Istanbul and 153 On-Site Solution), which are already waiting before the strong storm and precipitation, intervene in the notifications received. There were no significant adverse events due to precipitation. The response efforts of the teams to the reports from the regions continue.

In the evening hours (Monday) due to the rise in the water level in the Marmara Sea due to the storm in the direction of Lodos Kadıköy - There was coastal flooding and ponding on the Kartal coastal road. The stuck vehicles were intervened by the teams. Face-to-face training in educational institutions was suspended for one day on Tuesday, November 30. It was stated that disabled and pregnant personnel working in public institutions will be considered on leave.

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