Great Victory of Turkish Teams in European Rally Cup

The Great Victory of Turkish Teams in the European Rally Cup
The Great Victory of Turkish Teams in the European Rally Cup

He won the 'Youth' and 'Two Wheel Drive' Championship in the 1999 Balkan Rally Cup with Ali Türkkan, a promising young driver born in 2021. kazanCastrol Ford Team Turkey is entitled to participate with this rating. kazanHe managed to return as champion from the European Rally Cup Final held in Germany on 4-6 November. Castrol Ford Team Turkey, which entered the European Rally Cup Final, which was organized as a single race, with the slogan of absolute victory, won the first and only championship in Turkey with its young driver Ali Türkkan in the 'junior' and 'two-wheel drive' categories in the international arena. kazanHe made history in Europe once again.

In September, he won the 'Youth Division' at Rally Serbia. kazanCastrol Ford Team Turkey, which presented the title of "Balkan Youth Championship" to our country, won the title of "Youth-Junior" and 'Junior' in the rally, which took place under very difficult conditions with the support of its young driver Ali Türkkan and experienced co-pilot Onur Vatansever in the Grand Final of the European Rally Cup. He won the European Rally Cup in the 'two-wheel drive' class. With this success, Ali Türkkan won the first and only European Cup Championship in the “Youth” class in Turkey with Ford Fiesta Rally4. kazannagged.

During the season, the pilots who entered the top 7 of 10 different regional championships in Europe (Alps, Celtic, Iberian, Central European, Balkan, Baltic, Benelux) are eligible to participate. kazanCastrol Ford Team Turkey, representing our country with Ali Türkkan and his co-pilot Onur Vatansever in the European Rally Cup Final, held in Germany's Boxberg/Oberlausitz city, is one of the most special rallies of the region, which is run on unique earthen ground stages in old mines. He presented the European Championship to our country in the Lausitz Rallye, which was accepted as a gift.

While the European Rally Cup Final, where the competition took place at the highest level, also hosted the local rally organization, a total of 83 teams participated in the race this year. Castrol Ford Team Turkey experienced a great misfortune right at the beginning of the last stage on the first day of the European Rally Cup Final, which consisted of 169 special stages with a total of 12 km and XNUMX stages in very cold and rainy weather conditions. Despite the breakage of the front axle of their cars, similar to what they had experienced, they managed to return to the race thanks to the extraordinary performance of the experienced technical team. Ali Türkkan and his co-pilot Onur Vatansever got out of the service they entered for repairs, thanks to their great teamwork, and continued the fight the next day from where they had left off.

In addition to the worsening of the weather conditions on the 2nd day, Ali Türkkan, who successfully completed the race by successfully passing the stages in the rally, where many vehicles were out of the race by crashing in crushing and challenging stages, is the first and only in its category by bringing the biggest successful result to our country in the "Youth" category. He became European champion.

Onur Vaansever, Ali Türkkan's experienced co-pilot with international success, crowned his career with another European victory by becoming the European Rally Cup 2-wheel drive co-pilot champion in this race.

Castrol Ford Team Turkey continues to achieve worldwide success in rally sports

Castrol Ford Team Turkey, as the team that has contributed the most to the development of motorsports and young pilots in Turkey for the last 20 years, has brought many important achievements to our country. kazannagged. Many firsts such as teams, brands, pilots, female pilots, youth, Eastern European Championship, European Cup and FIA ERC European Teams Championship have been brought to our country. kazandıran Castrol Ford Team Turkey, after Murat Bostancı's European Rally Cup Championship in 2015, achieved another historical success in motorsports, with this success he achieved in the youth category in the same cup. kazannagged.

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