Sakarya Will Become the Center of Motor and Automobile Sports with Spor Island Vision Project

Sakarya Will Become the Center of Motor and Automobile Sports with Spor Island Vision Project
Sakarya Will Become the Center of Motor and Automobile Sports with Spor Island Vision Project

The Metropolitan Municipality launched the 2021 Petlas Turkey Off-road Championship, which will be held in Sakarya. President Ekrem Yüce said, “The structure that we will establish in the area where the races are held within the scope of the Sports Island Vision project will be the most modern facility of our country in motor and automobile sports. We will be one of the most important centers of our country in these sports. We look forward to our Sakarya races this weekend," he said.

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality continues to sign the world's leading championships and projects in every field of sports. The launch program of 2021 Petlas Turkey Off-road Championship 5th Leg Races, which is one of them, was held in a hotel in Adapazarı. In addition to Mayor Ekrem Yüce, 54 Automobile Sports Club President Erol Minister, members of automobile clubs and journalists attended the promotion held by the Metropolitan Municipality.

President made a call to Sakarya

President Ekrem Yüce, who gave information about the races at the launch, said that the championship will be held on the tracks created in Poyrazlar and Karaköy on 20 and 21 November. Yüce, stating that they will host hundreds of sports fans from all over the country in the exciting championship where 60 pilots from different provinces of Turkey will participate, invited the people of Sakarya to the viewing areas created to watch the excitement in the forest and drag track. Mayor Yüce also explained the details of the "Sports Island Vision" project, which will be implemented by the Metropolitan Municipality in the area where the races will be held.

Sakarya will be referred to as the 'city of sports'

Speaking in the program, President Yüce, while describing the investments made for Sakarya to be known as a sports city in the world, said, “As you know, Sakarya is a multi-faceted city. Sakarya is a city of agriculture, industry, tourism, culture and bicycle. We are doing our best to make Sakarya known as a sports city in our country and all over the world. We provide a support of 500 thousand liras to the Amateur Sports Clubs Federation. We provide cash and in-kind aid to our amateur and professional sports teams. In Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Sports Club, we represent our city in national and international competitions with 24 thousand 2 athletes and 627 coaches in 37 branches. Thanks to our club, we support thousands of young people to build a future with health and sports, away from harmful habits. Thanks to our investments in bicycles, we strive to popularize cycling in our city.” said.

It will be the most modern facility in Turkey

Stating that Sakarya will gain the most modern facility of the country with the 'Sports Island Vision' project, Mayor Yüce said, “Our bicycle paths project that will wrap our city like a spider web continues. Thanks to SAKBIS, we help our citizens who do not have bicycles to prefer healthy and environmentally friendly transportation. Thankfully, these efforts yielded results and we were entitled to receive the Bicycle City Title, which only 14 cities in the world have. Today, we will talk about our new project, 'Sport Island Vision Project', which we have implemented for the city of Sports, Sakarya. We signed a protocol with the Turkish Automobile Sports Federation. The structure we will establish within the scope of the project, which we will implement with the protocol, will be the most modern facility of our country in motor and automobile sports. The runway, which will be located within the borders of Adapazarı, will be built on a total of 260 decares of land. We look forward to seeing our Sakarya full of excitement, which will be held this weekend," he said.

Good luck to Sakarya

Stating that a drag, kart, supermoto, drif, off-road and motocross track will be built on the area within the scope of the project, President Yüce said, “It includes 850 m drag track, 12 thousand m2 karting, supermoto and drift track, 2 thousand m offroad and motocross track, tribunes. and social facilities. In fact, we are starting to use a part of the track as of this month. Together with the Federation, we will organize the 5th leg races of the Turkish Off-road Championship within the project area. Thus, I hope we will become one of the leading centers of our country in terms of automobile and motor sports. I wish the Sports Island Vision Project to be beneficial for our city and country. I greet you with respect and love from the Sports City Sakarya.” used the phrases.

They will race first on the jungle stage, then on the track.

19 competitors and 30 pilots from different parts of Turkey are expected to participate in the races that will take place on Friday, November 60, after the training tours. At the same time, the organization, where all the details are planned to the smallest detail, will be the scene of great excitement for the organization of the organization and for the competitors and participants to feel the hospitality of Sakarya. After the off-road race with spectators, which will take place in the forest stage in Poyrazlar and the project area of ​​"Karaköy Sporada Sports Complex", the award ceremony will be held on Sunday, November 21 at 18.00.

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