MEB Will Build 1,5 New Schools in Ankara with an Additional Investment of 70 Billion Liras

MEB Will Build 1,5 New Schools in Ankara with an Additional Investment of 70 Billion Liras
MEB Will Build 1,5 New Schools in Ankara with an Additional Investment of 70 Billion Liras

Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer stated that an additional investment budget of 2021 billion liras has been allocated to Ankara by the end of 70, including the construction of 2 new schools and 1,5 special education campuses.

The Minister of National Education, Mahmut Özer, discusses the developments in face-to-face education separately throughout the country and on a provincial basis, and also organizes education evaluation meetings in all the provinces he visits.

Under the chairmanship of Minister Özer, this time a provincial education evaluation meeting was held in the capital with the participation of Ankara Governor Vasip Şahin, Ankara deputies, district governors, Ministry bureaucrats, and provincial and district administrators. The situation in the capital, which is among the provinces with the highest number of students, teachers and education workers in terms of population density, was discussed at this meeting.

In his statement after the meeting, Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer stated that 2 billion liras of additional resources were transferred to the ongoing education investments of 1,5 billion liras in Ankara and said, “With these resources, 70 new schools, 2 special education campuses, 2 science and art centers, 1 guidance center, in the capital. and a research center will be built. In addition, the repair works of all schools in the center and districts will be completed.” said.

Noting that at the Ankara Provincial Education Evaluation Meeting, a comprehensive evaluation was made on the education investment budget of the city, the needs of the schools and the dissemination of the education services offered throughout the province, Minister Özer stated that the decisions taken together with all the authorities will be implemented quickly.

Expressing that they are making efforts for Ankara to lead all provinces with its performance in education, Minister Özer said that they have decided to transfer an additional resource of approximately 2021 billion liras to the education investment of 2 billion liras under construction for 2 in Ankara, in the last 1,5 months. He said: “I hope we will put 70 new schools into service in Ankara. 70 of these 35 schools will be kindergartens. You know, as the Ministry of National Education, we determined one of our priority areas as increasing access to pre-school education and in this sense, we started to make serious investments in Istanbul. We are making a modest start in Ankara as well.”

Stating that they will make much larger investments in kindergartens in 2022, Minister Özer said, “With our additional budget, we will build 21 primary schools and 14 secondary schools. At the same time, we will add 70 special education campuses to our Ankara in addition to these 2 schools. Those special education campuses will include special education kindergarten, special education practice school, 1st, 2nd and 3rd level and special education vocational school.” he said.

Minister Özer said that in these campuses, while waiting for their children, parents can also benefit from the courses organized by public education centers.

Stating that there are 8 science and art centers in Ankara where gifted students receive education, Minister Özer stated that the number of BİLSEM in Ankara will be increased to 2 by establishing 10 more centers, one in Pursaklar and the other in Gölbaşı.

Announcing that a new one will be added to the 15 guidance and research centers in Ankara, which provide diagnosis and diagnosis services not only for the education age population, but also for all adults, Özer said that with the additional resources allocated, minor repair works of all schools in the center and districts will be completed between 15-19 years. He said that it will be completed quickly during the mid-term break to be held in November.

Özer continued his words as follows: “As of today, we have added another 2 billion liras to the 1,5 billion lira education investment that is ongoing in Ankara at our meeting. As of today, we have started a serious move to increase the quality of education in Ankara with a total investment of 2021 billion in 3,5, to enable our students to access schools more easily and to reduce the number of students per classroom. In 2022, we will have solved all the infrastructure problems of Ankara with new investments.”

Minister Özer thanked the Governor, deputies, Ministry bureaucrats, provincial and district directors of national education, school administrators and teachers for coordinating this process in Ankara very successfully and wished the investments to be beneficial for Ankara.

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