Lamb Raising Feed Support to Small Cattle Breeders in Torbalı

Efforts to Support Small Producers in İzmir Continue
Efforts to Support Small Producers in İzmir Continue

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerIn line with the vision of “Another Agriculture is Possible”, efforts to support the small producer in İzmir continue. Metropolitan Municipality distributed approximately 191 thousand sacks of lamb rearing feed to 13 producers dealing with small cattle breeding in Torbalı and having difficulties in meeting their feed needs due to increasing costs. In this context, the total amount of feed distributed reached 30 thousand sacks.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, President Tunç SoyerWithin the scope of 'Another Agriculture is Possible' vision, it continues to support lamb rearing feed in order to revive small cattle breeding. After Kiraz and Menderes, approximately 13 thousand sacks of lamb rearing feed were distributed to small cattle breeders in Torbalı. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Mustafa Özuslu, Torbalı Mayor Mithat Tekin, CHP District President Övünç Demir, IYI Party District President Ahmet Künarlıoğlu, citizens and producers attended the distribution ceremony in Torbalı Pazaryeri.

“We will donate small cattle”

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Mustafa Özuslu stated that İzmir Metropolitan Municipality pioneered an exemplary development model for the whole of Turkey with its projects for local producers and rural areas. Saying that a total of 29 thousand kilograms of lamb rearing feed was distributed to 191 producers in 350 districts of Torbalı, which is a record, Özuslu said, “We will also provide ovine breeding training to 118 producers in Torbalı so that they can benefit from our project. We will donate sheep and goats to our producers who have successfully completed their training. As Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, we will continue to support our villagers and producers. Minister Tunç SoyerWe will work hard to fight against drought and poverty, on which the understanding of 'Another Agriculture is Possible' put forward by .

“There can be no development in the country without farmers”

In his speech, Özuslu also touched upon the input costs that undermine the producers and said: “The biggest problem of the farmer is the input costs. The costs of diesel, fertilizers and pesticides are hurting the producers. How will the manufacturer bear these costs? How will it be produced and how will it be sold? How will he feed his children? Without farmers, there will be no development in this country, without farmers, this country will not be satiated. We need to support farmers and producers for the development and saturation of this country.”

Thank you from Tekin to President Soyer

Torbalı Mayor Mithat Tekin thanked the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for their support for the producers and said, “We all know the support that the Metropolitan Municipality has given to agricultural production for years. Our President Tunç Soyer'I thank you,' he said. After the speeches, feed sacks were distributed to the producers.

Great support to the manufacturer

Lamb grower feed was previously distributed to 36 producers in 238 neighborhoods of Kiraz. Then, the producers who were damaged by the lightning strike in Menderes were supported with 100 sacks of lamb grower feed. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality extended a hand of support to Muğla as well. 7 thousand sacks of lamb grower feed were given to the producers who suffered losses as a result of forest fires. The total lamb rearing feed support provided by the Metropolitan has reached approximately 30 thousand sacks (800 thousand kilograms).

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