Kılıçdaroğlu Will Pay Very Heavy Prices for the Canal Istanbul Tender

Kılıçdaroğlu Will Pay Very Heavy Prices for the Canal Istanbul Tender
Kılıçdaroğlu Will Pay Very Heavy Prices for the Canal Istanbul Tender

IMM revised the 'Istanbul Climate Vision', which was prepared in 2018 by the former administration, which set a target of 2030 percent reduction from the increase in carbon emissions by 33. Speaking at the meeting held on the subject, CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu's criticism of the negative effects of Kanal Istanbul, which it describes as the 'Concrete Channel', on the climate crisis, "Mr. President, do not worry. No one will buy the Kanal Istanbul tender. If it does, it will pay a heavy price. If someone is buying a tender that was opened to betray this geography, whether from the inside or the outside, and in a world where the climate crisis is so widely spoken, if you will still continue to betray Istanbul and the tender will be opened, the one who entered that tender will pay a heavy price. I want everyone to know this. Therefore, no one will enter this tender. May your heart rest in peace, Mr. President”.

CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu stated that the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) has the 'Climate Museum', which is one of the few examples in the world. KadıköyHe attended the “Istanbul Climate Vision and Revised Climate Action Launch” meeting held at the Museum Gazhane in . The film "Choosing Extinction" prepared by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) was screened at the event for the first time. UNDP Turkey Resident Representative Luisa Vinton and C40 Regional Director for Europe Júlia López Ventura shared their messages via video-conference at the event, where “Young Climate Ambassadors” Melisa Akkuş and Resul Hüseyinzade also gave speeches.


Emphasizing that the climate crisis is not a joke, it is our reality and our new normal, young activists said, “We have to get used to it. And we need to pretend we're experiencing the climate crisis. You have to act as if we are in a crisis and shape your life accordingly. for giving us a place Ekrem İmamoğluThank you very much. We will continue to struggle to make our voice heard more and your support is very important in this struggle. Let's not keep what we talked about today. Let's talk tomorrow too. Let's talk anywhere. Let's talk every day. Because, while experiencing so many inequalities, none of us should remain silent. We must act. We have no other choice. We don't have a choice," he said.


IMM President, who took the floor after the youth Ekrem İmamoğlu, shared with the public the “Climate Change Action Plan” of Istanbul against the climate crisis, a vital and common problem of the whole world. Emphasizing that Istanbul, like the whole world, faces very serious risks related to the climate, İmamoğlu said, “Scientists point out that if we do not limit the temperature increase in the world to 1,5 to 2 degrees, disasters will occur in the coming period. In the 6th report of the 'Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change' IPCC, it is stated that global warming is at an unprecedented level. The IPCC says that if the temperature rises above 2 degrees, there will be very devastating effects and it will be impossible to return from here.”


Stating that the effects of the climate crisis have been felt seriously in the recent period, İmamoğlu cited the fire and flood disasters we have experienced in the recent period and the mucilage problem in the Marmara Sea as examples. “Perhaps, the Kovid-19 epidemic, which emerged as a result of these developments and stopped life all over the world, showed us all a completely different world. He proved to us that no country or no city is ready for such disasters, no matter how rich, how advanced and how technologically superior they are," said İmamoğlu, and underlined that the function of local governments in controlling global warming has become much better understood. Stating that they started to prepare a “Climate Vision” for Istanbul from the first day they took office, İmamoğlu said, “Istanbul Climate Action Plan was first prepared in 2018. However, the previous study was aiming for very limited progress and limited progress in carbon emissions, such as a 2030 percent reduction from the increase by 33. In line with the 'Deadline 2019' commitment, which we signed at the 'C40 Mayors' Summit, which I personally attended in Copenhagen in 2020, we entered a rapid revision process in Istanbul's 'Climate Action Plan'.


In this process, İmamoğlu gave examples of workshops contributed by domestic and foreign academic circles and said, “Next, we have common mind workshops that we will hold with our external stakeholders such as non-governmental organizations, professional chambers, private sector representatives, public institutions and organizations and chambers of industry. At the end of all these processes, with a very ambitious scenario for Istanbul to become a resilient city; We have determined our new targets and compliance policies in transportation, fixed energy, water and waste. In line with its international commitments, in order to increase Istanbul's resilience, we have prepared the 'Istanbul Climate Change Action Plan', which defines much more comprehensive and concrete targets, together. Emphasizing that İBB is the first and only municipality in Turkey to be a member of the C40, İmamoğlu emphasized that they have determined all the steps to make Istanbul a carbon neutral and climate crisis-resistant city by 2050, and have defined a concrete roadmap.


İmamoğlu summarized the climate visions they developed through a common mind and defined as “Istanbul's climate constitution” as follows:

“Our Istanbul Climate Action Plan, which has unique characteristics among European cities in terms of population density and targets; It is implemented together with policy documents such as the 'Sustainable Energy Action Plan' (SECAP), 'Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan' (SUMP) and 'Istanbul Waste Management Plan'. Istanbul Climate Vision is also an important and inseparable part of the '2050 Vision' document carried out by our Istanbul Planning Agency. Our strategic aim; We defined it as realizing all plans and works of IMM with the priority of climate action perspective and ensuring climate justice by serving sustainable development goals. In this context, in order to reach the 'carbon neutral' target in 2050, reduction percentages; We have determined a 2030 percent absolute reduction by 52, an 2040 percent absolute reduction by 89, and a 2050 percent absolute reduction by 100.”


Saying, “If we do not take the concrete steps described in the vision and action plan we announced today, and if we do not take steps as a city and become a city that is resistant to the climate crisis, we will all have a very difficult life,” İmamoğlu listed the following predictions and warnings in the light of scientific data:

“Diseases associated with rising temperatures will proliferate in vulnerable groups such as the elderly and children. There will be shortages of food and water supplies. We will see an increase in disasters caused by heat waves, such as forest fires. We will face the risk that the sea level will rise between 45 and 75 centimeters in the Bosphorus. On the one hand, Istanbul's average annual precipitation will decrease by 12 percent, and on the other hand, the intensity of precipitation will increase by up to 59 percent. The floods this will create will pose a major risk to critical infrastructure and transportation systems. Scientists inform us that Istanbul's biodiversity will decrease and new pests and invasive species will emerge. On top of all this, I don't even want to talk about the terrible dangers that the freak we call the 'Concrete Canal' will add to our city.”


Concrete Channel; Emphasizing that it is a project that will completely disrupt the ecological balance, create destructive effects on the cultural heritage we have acquired over thousands of years, increase disaster risks, ignore the right of the citizens, and usurp the right to life of the society and all living things, İmamoğlu said, “Concrete Canal is not only urban; It is a regional and global climate threat and carries the risk of undoing climate change efforts. Concrete Channel, which is a climate threat in itself for both our city, our country and the world, will not only increase the climate crisis, but will unfortunately neutralize the measures taken against this crisis on behalf of our city. Pointing out that the impact of the negative effects that will occur in Istanbul's climate will be on a national and global scale, İmamoğlu stated the 5 basic strategies they have determined within the framework of the city's climate vision, “Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing the capacity to adapt to the climate crisis. Ensuring climate justice and reducing the social and economic impacts of the climate crisis. Developing institutional capacity for climate crisis and environmental management. Conservation, improvement and restoration of the unique ecology and natural resources of Istanbul. Supporting the life cycle, reducing pollution and carbon footprint," he said.


In his speech, İmamoğlu also included the main strategies that they envisage to be implemented by 2050:

“The gradual electrification of all cars and taxis. 35% of trips in the city are made by public transport. Increasing the rate of sea transportation to 10 percent. 50 percent of daily journeys take place by walking and cycling. Reduction of water losses and leaks by 2030 percent by 18 and by 2050 percent by 32. Reducing per capita water use by 2040 percent by 11. Recycling at least 50 percent of organic waste, such as food and garden waste. Ensuring 100% energy efficiency in urban equipment. 55 percent of energy supply from renewable sources. Converting 95 percent of the landfill gas obtained from the disposed wastes into energy. 100% recycling of organic wastes by composting method. To ensure 100% recycling of paper and packaging waste. Ensuring the energy of all IMM buildings from renewable sources, applying a zero waste approach. Complete electrification of the IETT fleet.”


Emphasizing that Istanbul is a city that has the capacity to become resistant to the climate crisis by 2050, İmamoğlu said, “For this, we have to act together with the guidance of common mind and science, with a vision of climate justice and a people-oriented approach.” Noting that they have taken historical and important steps in line with this vision since the day they took office, İmamoğlu gave the following examples:

“We have initiated studies that will increase Istanbul's resilience in the face of disasters, drought and earthquakes. We renewed the rainwater tunnels. We have reduced the risk of floods in many parts of Istanbul. We have distributed free seedlings worth up to 8 million TL per year to our farmers in order to bring agricultural lands back into production. We have grown and will continue to grow the sustainable zero waste approach with the use of compost fertilizer in seedling production. We have developed green energy and circular economic processes. As part of the awareness and education activities we carry out to raise awareness in the public, we have implemented the Climate Museum, which is one of the few examples in the world and in our area. We started to transform the banks of the streams into living valleys. Its capacity is 30 million square meters in our Istanbul. In order to reduce the carbon emissions in the city, we started the construction of subways on 10 lines at the same time. We set the goal of increasing the length of our metro lines from 233 kilometers to 630 kilometers. We're expanding the 'Park - Continue' fields. We are increasing the bike paths from 350 kilometers to 650 kilometers. We develop biodiversity and agricultural practices. We have focused on alternative environmental projects that will reduce waste incineration and storage methods.”


Emphasizing that as İBB, they will commission three new facilities in November for a cleaner environment, İmamoğlu said, “Our 'Kemerburgaz Biomethanization Facility', which we will open on November 9, will have the title of the first facility in our country where organic waste separated at its source will be processed with a daily capacity of 130 tons. Our facility will produce biogas from organic wastes in an oxygen-free environment and will generate 1,4 MW of electrical energy from the obtained biogas. At the same time, we will produce 40 tons of organic compost per day and make it available for agricultural use. On November 16, our 'Emirli 2nd Stage Drinking Water Treatment Plant' will be put into service. Our facility will be located within the 'Ömerli Drinking Water Treatment Facilities'. The water treated at the facility will be put at the disposal of the residents of Istanbul to meet the water needs of the Anatolian Side as well as Fatih, Bakırköy, Beşiktaş, Sarıyer and Zeytinburnu, just like the other facilities at Ömerli Drinking Water Treatment Facilities. The 'Household Waste Thermal Disposal and Energy Production Facility' with a capacity of 26 tons/day in Eyüpsultan Işıklar Mahallesi, which we will officially open on November 3000, will be able to meet the electricity needs of approximately 85 million citizens with its 1,4 MW electricity generation capacity. In addition, 1.38 million tons of CO2 equivalent emission reduction will be achieved.


Stating that as IMM, they have prepared the most comprehensive and human-oriented vision of the country in order to save the future of Istanbul and its inhabitants, İmamoğlu said, “Every day, we are solving another gangrenous problem. Within the scope of the vision we announced today; We show a strong will to solve not only the climate, temperature, water and waste problems of Istanbul, but also all the problems within the scope of the green environment. The vision we announced today is the 'Green Solution' vision for Istanbul. As Istanbul, we take a serious initiative within the scope of our climate vision. We are launching a full climate change campaign in our city. In line with this mobilization; We will realize 2030 projects with a total budget of 387,5 million Euros, 2050 million by 478,5 and 866 million by 25," he said.


Reminding that he will attend the United Nations Climate Conference COP26 events held in Glasgow on behalf of Istanbul, which aims to be a carbon neutral city by 2050, İmamoğlu shared the information that he will share the city's various studies in the field of climate change in two separate panels. Saying, “Preserving the climate of Istanbul, raising the city we live in to a position that can overcome climate crises is a vital issue that should be kept out of daily political conflicts,” İmamoğlu said in his speech, “I would like to emphasize that; The climate issue is an urgent issue for our country as well as for Istanbul. Therefore, all of our efforts also correspond to demands for a climate emergency to be declared. We will share this process with the public in a transparent, understandable and up-to-date manner, and we will carry out this process in a dynamic and participatory manner. It is our duty to our children, Istanbul, Turkey and our planet to do our part in this regard with concrete and courageous steps. It is a requirement of being human. I believe that my fellow citizens of Istanbul will act with this awareness, and I invite all relevant institutions and organizations to act together against the climate crisis and to be in solidarity on behalf of Istanbul.”


Making the last speech of the program, Kılıçdaroğlu said, “We are all fighting for a better future, to save our future on this blue planet. Of course, it is a fact that our Metropolitan Mayor told, tried to bring to life for Istanbul and tried to protect Istanbul's climate and nature. On this occasion, I would like to thank the President of IMM in the presence of all of you, for his sensitivity. Our two young children spoke. I also watched them very carefully. And of course the dinosaur that entered the hall of the UN General Assembly. Actually, I would like that animation to be shown on all televisions. One question there is very important: 'Come on, the meteorite fell and we disappeared. But why do you bring your own demise? And why don't you take action? In fact, the question is perfectly justified,” he said.


Pointing out that the climate crisis is a global problem, Kılıçdaroğlu said, “Therefore, the struggle must be continued jointly. I know that not only states, but also international organizations apart from states make great efforts in this regard. But how successful are these efforts? This should be questioned in some way. When you say 'common problem'; Of course, there are developed countries and there are developing countries. In the fight against the crisis, the responsibility of developed countries is much greater. If we want to end fossil fuels, then developed countries and the international funds they have created must be transferred to developing countries and certain conditions must be met. Within a certain period of time, this struggle needs to be carried out, supervised and terminated. If this can be done, if a concerted effort can be made, the earth will continue to be the blue planet. Otherwise, we will have brought our own demise,” he warned.


Stating that it is stated that the area that will be most affected by climate change is the Mediterranean belt, Kılıçdaroğlu said, “We have seen how the belt has been affected in the last forest fires. There have been extraordinary forest fires in the Mediterranean Basin, from Spain to Turkey. Many creatures died. In fact, we all know very well how forests remove carbon dioxide and increase oxygen. Protecting forests actually means protecting the blue planet in a sense. In this context, while talking about international organizations, Mediterranean countries should also come together and show solidarity in the fight against the climate crisis. Is there a fire in Italy? From here, we should also give support to extinguish it. Was it in Turkey? Greece should support us. Therefore, in order to prevent the climate crisis in the Mediterranean, Mediterranean countries should come together and set common goals. Efforts need to be made for this as well,” he said.


“Our President, Ekrem, told good things. He told me what I did for the struggle. Kılıçdaroğlu explained the goals” and concluded his speech with the following words:

“These are extremely beautiful things. Other mayors should make the same effort. Because unity is strength. There is a crisis. Is the crisis Istanbul's? No. Turkey's? No. the Mediterranean? No. The crisis of the world. The future of humanity. It is also the future of all living things except us. Then, each of us can achieve good results by holding one end of this struggle and successfully ending it within a certain period of time. This is really important. He also talked about Kanal Istanbul, Mr. President. Mr President, don't worry. No one will buy the Kanal Istanbul tender. If it does, it will pay a heavy price. If someone is buying a tender that was opened to betray this geography, whether from the inside or outside, and in a world where the climate crisis is so widely spoken, if you will still continue to betray Istanbul and if the tender will be opened, the one who entered that tender will pay a heavy price. I want everyone to know this. Therefore, no one will enter this tender. Rest in peace, Mister President."

Parliamentary CHP Group Deputy Chairman Engin Altay, CHP Deputy Chairman Seyit Torun, IYI Party Deputy Chairman Arzu Önşen, Saadet Party Deputy Chairman Bülent Kaya, CHP Istanbul Provincial President Canan Kaftancıoğlu, IYI Party Istanbul Provincial President Buğra Kavuncu, deputies, district mayors and foreign diplomats were among the participants.

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