Kemerburgaz Waste Incineration and Biomethanization Facilities Put into Service

Kemerburgaz Waste Incineration and Biomethanization Facilities Put into Service
Kemerburgaz Waste Incineration and Biomethanization Facilities Put into Service

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, opened the 'Waste Incineration and Biomethanization Facilities', the construction of which was completed in Eyüpsultan Kemerburgaz, into service. Expressing that it is not possible for the people who build the facilities and the facilities to achieve this task alone, İmamoğlu said, “As long as we create this sense of mobilization in the city with 16 million inhabitants, in cooperation and cooperation. Our resources and energy; as long as we divide it into scientific projects, not crazy, meaningless, illogical or crazy projects. This is the road map that will make everything very beautiful," he said. “This city no longer has the luxury of contempt for the environment,” said İmamoğlu. he desperately needs to calm down, to clear, to come to himself, to feel himself, to live that he exists with people. We have to achieve this together. We have an obligation to save this city from the mind that has destroyed this city," he said.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlu, opened the "Waste Incineration and Biomethanization (biogas production from organic waste) Facilities" in Eyüpsultan Kemerburgaz Kısıkmandıra District, the construction of which started on September 16, 2017 and received by the new management with 40 percent progress. Stating that they announced the revised "Climate Change Action Plan" last Friday, İmamoğlu said, "We shared with the public a process that is integrated with the world and is determined to achieve the targets set by the world." Emphasizing that the facility they put into service is also very valuable in this context, İmamoğlu underlined that their aim is to make Istanbul a climate-resistant city by 2050. Reminding that there is less than 2050 years left until 30, İmamoğlu said, “We have to reach this goal without losing a minute or an hour. If we want to have a quality life in the world, we must be a part of this process, unconditionally, at every moment.”


Expressing that it is not possible for the people who build the facilities and the facilities to achieve this task alone, İmamoğlu said, “As long as we create this sense of mobilization in the city with 16 million inhabitants, in cooperation and cooperation. As long as we devote our resources and energy to scientific projects, not crazy, meaningless, illogical or insane projects. This is the roadmap that will make everything so beautiful. Our nation, our people, and our people have knowledge, power and knowledge about the road map that will make everything beautiful," he said. Sharing detailed information about the Waste Incineration and Biomethanization Facility they put into service, İmamoğlu said, "Our Green Solution vision is a valuable step in the climate mobilization we started in Istanbul." Expressing that they are the first and only institution in Turkey to be a member of the C40 community, İmamoğlu said, "We are making a great effort to prepare our city for climate change, and we will continue to do so."


Pointing out that every unit of IMM has to consider that they are a strong stakeholder in this business, İmamoğlu said, “The commissioning of our second-stage drinking water treatment plant in Ömerli on 16 November, and our Waste Incineration and Energy Production facility, which is our immediate neighbor, on 26 November. By putting it into service, we will have spent a month together, which we will be very proud of, and where we will not stop about the climate change and action plan process. When we look at Istanbul as a whole from this aspect, every stage and every level of our institution is important”. Saying, "We will continue to be there with all our strength, wherever and wherever a solution is needed in Istanbul," İmamoğlu said:


“This city no longer has the luxury of contempt for the environment. This city; he desperately needs to calm down, to clear, to come to himself, to feel himself, to live that he exists with people. We have to do this. We have to achieve this together. We have an obligation to save this city from the mind that has destroyed this city. As 16 million Istanbulites, how do we protect the nature of this city? How do we minimize our damage to the environment? We must think together, live by feeling and feeling that we are a part of the responsibility process, from our newborn baby to our most experienced individual, and act accordingly. Our Green Solution Vision is crucial. It is one of the most valuable brands in Istanbul. Together, we must underpin, expand and develop the green solution. I believe that with this mobilization we have started, we will create an Istanbul that is resistant to climate change together. I believe with all my heart that we can succeed together. I, to all of you, with the belief that we can only achieve this with these good steps we have taken to be a citizen worthy of our great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, whom we will commemorate together on his death anniversary tomorrow, and to become a citizen worthy of the Republic of Turkey; I sincerely thank all our workers, from the contractor, to all the units of our institution.”


In the facility that was opened; food, vegetables, fruits and packaged food wastes that have expired will be processed. Organic solid wastes will be collected at points such as universities, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, military and social facilities, and large markets throughout Istanbul. The wastes to be collected separately from the source by the district municipalities will be brought to the transfer stations. The wastes accumulated here will be taken to the facility for processing. In the facility, where 1 million tons of domestic waste will be processed annually, energy production will also be realized. The facility, which has a daily capacity of 3000 tons and an annual capacity of approximately 1 million tons, will consist of 1000 lines, each with a daily waste incineration capacity of 3 tons. The wastes will be transported to the facility by trucks and discharged to the storage area without the need for any sorting. The waste stored in this area will be transported to the "grilled incineration units" via 3 "solid waste cranes". The steam obtained from the heat of the wastes burned in the grid system will be sent to the tribunes. Approximately 78 MW/hour of electrical energy will be generated through these tribunes. From this energy, all the internal needs of the facility and thanks to the increased energy, the electricity needs of 1 million 400 thousand people will be met.


With the facility, 100 hectares of storage area will be saved. 15% of the domestic wastes generated in Istanbul will be eliminated by incineration and electricity will be produced in this way. The electricity to be obtained will contribute to the elimination of Turkey's energy deficit. While the cost of transporting garbage will be reduced, the odor problem will also be eliminated. In the facility where the latest technology is used, the emission values ​​will be under the European Union limits. The environment will not be harmed with the latest technology "flue gas treatment system" to be used in the facility. The gases that will come out of the chimney will be continuously monitored and recorded with the "continuous emission measurement system". In this way, 33 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions from garbage will be saved. The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization will also be able to monitor greenhouse gas emissions online (live) with the system established. Domestic production will be supported with the facility. A team of 90 people will work at the facility. İSTAÇ A.Ş. is the construction consultant of the facility, which is the contractor of the IMM Science Affairs Department. uploaded.


The event, in which Deputy Secretary General of IMM Alpay Gürkan also gave a speech, ended with the opening of the facility by pressing the buttons. After the facility tour, İmamoğlu answered journalists' questions about the agenda. The questions of journalists and İmamoğlu's answers to the questions were as follows:

A lawsuit was filed on the grounds that you insulted the Chairman of the YSK and its members due to some of the statements you made after the Istanbul elections on 31 March. His first hearing was held today. We know it's delayed. Your statement will be taken later. Can we get your assessment of this case?


Yes, that's right, he had a case today. Postponed. I will probably go to the court on the appointed date and give my statement on this matter. First of all, let me say this: I think that those who took this process on themselves and took this initiative did not make the right choice. Because they did it wrong. They acted with a wrong perception. When you look back on that day, those who wrote my answer in their own media had already written who the addressee was. Because I had a response to the political mind that insulted me by saying this word personally, and with this statement of mine, the political mind that is my interlocutor is clear. Political figures are obvious. They are my subject. Point. So I have nothing else to say. But the members of the board who took this process on themselves and made such an attempt did not feel right; they felt wrong. They have made a wrong attempt.


A decision was published in the Official Gazette in the past days, and the Islands were declared a "Special Protection Area" by the Presidency. The authority of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to make plans was taken away and transferred to the ministry. Are you going to have an initiative regarding this decision?

Of course it will. I called our Minister of Environment and Urbanization about this issue. I conveyed to them that every decision taken and every decision to be taken at the table we formed on the mucilage issue since May, we have been walking in consultation and that this process has been working with a strict gentlemanly manner. I said, 'I do not remember that a single word was spoken or a single process was discussed regarding this decision taken at the Presidency'. He doesn't even remember. They themselves spoke of the innocence of the decision taken on this issue. I told them, 'I don't think he's innocent'. They appointed a general manager about this issue. We also appointed our technical friends. They will come together. But it is totally wrong. So what does the plan in the Islands have to do with the mucilage of Marmara? This needs to be fixed immediately. The Scientific Committee established on the issue of mucilage, the technical and administrative committees of our Metropolitan Municipality, all the administrative committees there, rectors, industrial organizations, deputy ministers, ministers are interlocutors to everything that is spoken. 7 mayors… I also called the Mayor of Marmara Municipalities Union. I said, 'Has anything like this been discussed? He said, 'Not spoken'. 'Is it just a decision about coastal structures? You know, the port and so on,' he said. 'No,' I said, 'This is an overarching decision.' Therefore, they are well-informed about it. After all, the Union of Marmara Municipalities is a legal entity that protects rights. I shared my opinion that they should follow this process as well. Consultations will continue, but this decision is completely unlawful, unjust, and interferes with our work. So I don't know if it's a coincidence, but the 10/15 plans of the Islands, which have been sitting unplanned for 20, 1, and 5000 years at the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council, for two years, prepared with a participatory model, are in the Assembly, in the commission. In such a period, they cannot explain to the public how to take such a decision out of the blue. It is not the right decision. I hope it's someone's fault. And to correct that mistake, of course, falls on our Minister and the Presidency officials. We hope, on behalf of the people of Istanbul, that necessary action will be taken to correct this decision.


You're going to Glasgow tomorrow. You will attend the climate summit. May we know your program there?

I will be attending two very valuable sessions in Glasgow. Here, in a panel, we will explain how Istanbul is actually prepared as a resilient city for 2050, just like the facility we opened today. Yet another issue will be a session where we will talk about the physical resilience of the city and its struggle against the threat of earthquakes. I think both sessions are very valuable. I think the Glasgow Summit is very valuable. Because the scope of combating climate change and global warming is not a scope that can be drawn with the borders of a city or a country, it is not a content. In this sense, the whole world should cooperate and solve this process. It's a common problem. It needs a good budget saving, a good budget usage. In this respect, we will express there that this will not be possible, especially in the use of budgets, with the understanding of 'Everyone should solve problems within their own borders'. I think that the summit will be very beneficial both for the world, for our Turkey and for our Istanbul. We will definitely take our share from there and return to Istanbul.

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