Kazakhstan to Receive ANKA SİHAs Until 2023

Kazakhstan to Receive ANKA SİHAs Until 2023
Kazakhstan to Receive ANKA SİHAs Until 2023

📩 28/11/2021 12:56

3 ANKA Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and 2 Ground Control Station (YKİ) will be delivered to Kazakhstan by 2023

2021 ANKA and 2023 Ground Control Stations (YKİ) will be delivered until 3 within the scope of the contract signed in October 2 as a result of the negotiations with Kazakhstan for ANKA Unmanned Aerial Vehicle of TAI.

One of the articles in the military cooperation agreement signed with Kazakhstan in May 2021 was stated as "exchange of tactics and experience in reconnaissance and attack UAVs". After Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, which supplied Bayraktar TB2, Kazakhstan will be the 3rd country to receive S/UAV from Turkey. Following the contract, the export of various payloads such as MAM-L, SARPER Synthetic Aperture Radar and CATS may also be on the agenda.

TUSAŞ Corporate Marketing and Communications President, whom we lost recently, Serdar Demir, in his presentation at the "Yıldız Technical University Defense Industry Days" event, where Defense Turk is one of the press sponsors, "We will deliver our UAVs to Tunisia in a month or two. Then there are one or two countries that we work closely with. We are planning to export ANKAs here as well.” made statements.

As it is known, previously signed agreements were signed with Tunisia for the supply of 3 ANKA-S systems, and in May 2021, Tunisian Air Force maintenance personnel came to Turkey to receive the necessary training for the maintenance and operation of ANKA systems exported to Tunisia. He successfully completed the type maintenance training that lasted for 7 weeks.

Source: defenceturk

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