Innovative Products of Agriculture Introduced at Growtech International Agriculture Fair

Innovative Products of Agriculture Introduced at Growtech International Agriculture Fair
Innovative Products of Agriculture Introduced at Growtech International Agriculture Fair

His new motto is “Explore, Grow, Win!” Growtech International Agriculture Fair, which brings together the world's agricultural professionals for the 20th time, hosts remarkable products, innovations, R&D investments and striking brands this year. At the fair, where 25 companies from 510 countries took part, solid fertilizers, rope and organic pots produced by making use of the flesh and milk of the banana tree, colorful tomatoes with a long shelf life that reminds us of village tomatoes, Innibutor technology that offers environmentally friendly solutions against global warming, early corn harvested in November. Innovative products such as

Growtech 20th International Greenhouse, Agricultural Technologies and Livestock Equipment Fair opened its doors to visitors between 24-27 November with great interest and participation. The Fair, attended by 25 companies from 510 countries, is known for supporting innovative works that add value to agricultural production and create sectoral awareness for many years. In this context, the fair, which has been giving awards since 2008 and organizing ATSO Growtech Agricultural Innovation Awards together with the Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ATSO) for the last three years, will host the "Greenhouse & Irrigation Technologies", "Seeding", "Plant Nutrition and Protection", "Agriculture". Products and services are exhibited in a total of 5 categories, namely “Machinery” and “Livestock”. Every year at Growtech, many products that provide solutions to the needs and expectations of agriculture and farmers are introduced for the first time.


Founded entirely with domestic capital, Growtech participant BMusa Fertilizer almost benefits from the meat and milk of the banana tree. The company, which produces solid fertilizer from banana tree juice and rope from its pulp, will now make organic flowerpots with fiber obtained from the trunk of the banana tree. The company obtains different products from the banana trees it collects from Antalya, Alanya and Anamur regions. The company, which develops solid fertilizer with liquid obtained from the trunk of the banana tree, uses the remaining pulp from the tree in the production of rope. UNMusa General Coordinator Volkan Özkara said that they are not only fertilizer but also a recycling facility under the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change. Stating that they have completely transformed the water and pulp of the banana tree, Özkara stated that after solid fertilizer and rope, they will now switch to pot production from banana tree fiber. Stating that the R&D studies for organic pots are nearing the end, Özkara said, “We will make organic pots from banana tree pulp. You will plant the seedling in the ground with this pot. Thus, the seedling will take root in its natural environment.”


Antalya-based company Genetika reminds us of the village tomato with the last ring of its 'Taste in the Mouth' series. The seed breeding company, headquartered in Antalya, introduced the fourth of the tomato series, which was launched under the name 'Taste of the Mouth' in the past years, at Growtech. The stand of the company, which took its place at the Growtech 4th International Greenhouse, Agricultural Technologies and Livestock Equipment Fair Fair, with red, brown, and then yellow tomatoes, attracted a lot of attention. Seed Breeder Somayeh Yousefnejad, who gave information about the mouth-watering tomato series, said that the 'Taste of the Mouth' tomato series, which has 20 varieties, has high quality and high productivity and has a long shelf life in the market. Yousefnejad said, “Taste of Mouth has the characteristics of village tomato in general. It tastes delicious and juicy,” he said.


Established to produce fruit rootstock with agricultural biotechnology techniques, Biotek introduced its new product Es Armandi corn at the Growtech International Agriculture Fair. Providing information about Es Armandi corn variety of the company, which has an important place in the sector with its annual 2.5 million tons of rootstock production, Biotek Sales and Marketing Officer Hüseyin Smart said, “The product in the grain corn group is the second product produced in the GAP Region after wheat and lentils. stands out. Es Armandi variety, which stands out with its high productivity feature, has the feature of being early in our corn. We harvest Es Armandi, which was planted between June 15 and July 10, in November.” Stating that it is a variety that will compete with world brands in its segment, Smart said, “We claim that if it is planted side by side with world brands, there will be no difference in terms of efficiency and quality. We will export Es Armandi, which we only offer to the domestic market, to abroad soon.”


Operating in different branches of agriculture, Istanbul-based Dr. Tarsa Tarım A.Ş offers environmentalist solutions to farmers. Stating that they aim to increase efficiency with innovative products, Dr. Tarsa Product Manager Deniz Tok said, “While we increase the productivity of the producer with innovative products, we aim to use the world's resources economically. We contribute to both the producer and the country's economy by minimizing the evaporation and washing losses of nitrogen with inhibitor technology. We support the protection of underground and surface resources with inhibitor technology.”

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