I Want to Establish an Organic Village

I Want to Establish an Organic Village
I Want to Establish an Organic Village

BigChefs Chairman of the Board Gamze, who was a guest of the November 2021 issue of Hello magazine, made very special statements to Gardenya Menekşe, one of the writers of Cizrelidergi. “You said the road is long, you fell, you got up. When asked what is your next stop?” Cizreli replied, “Let's see what life will bring. We are growing the brand. We currently have 70 branches. Our goal is to reach 100 next year. We are growing very fast. Apart from that, I have one more goal. A little more, I want to create a gastronomic village that includes many local people from the Aegean to Mesopotamia. Even though I haven't determined the location exactly, I have a project where young chefs can be trained in a kitchen school with a hotel and restaurants. In 2023, I can celebrate the 100th anniversary of our Republic with this project.”

Gamze Cizreli was born in 1968 as the youngest of three children of an academician father and a housewife mother. Cizreli, who spent his childhood in Ankara, graduated from METU Business Administration Department in 3. After graduation, he worked in the Turkish-American joint defense industry project. Changing the sector in 1991, Cizreli founded Cafemiz, one of the first cafes in Ankara. Later on, Kuki serving in the field of pastry and Quick China where Far Eastern dishes were sold, respectively. Cizreli, which went bankrupt in 1994, took out a loan in 2005 and launched the BigChefs restaurant chain. The movie “There is Love in Recipe” is about the life of Cizreli.

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