Emre Durmuş Explores the City with Visitİzmir

Emre Durmus explores the city with Visitizmir
Emre Durmus explores the city with Visitizmir

YouTuber and Blogger Emre Durmuş's video about İzmir has been published. Emre Durmuş traveled throughout the city with his caravan for five days on the route he created with the help of Visitİzmir and shared his İzmir experiences with the audience.

YouTuber and Blogger Emre Durmuş's Visitİzmir mobile application and the video of him visiting different points of İzmir has been published. Reaching wide audiences with his posts, Emre Durmuş made his own video about İzmir this time. Youtube presented to the audience on the channel. Visit İzmir Foundation's three new videos where Durmuş describes his impressions of Bergama, Ephesus and Efeler Road in detail. Youtube channel and Emre Durmuş's own Youtube available from your account.

Emre Durmuş had drawn a route of approximately 1300 kilometers, starting from the northernmost point of İzmir and extending to the southernmost, with his caravan last month. Emre Durmuş, who shot for a total of five days on this route he created with the help of Visitİzmir, shared the history of the city, its culture, the blue bayraklı Visiting its beaches, gastronomy, UNESCO heritage and candidate areas, he conveyed the different beauties of İzmir.

Saying that five days is not enough to visit İzmir, Durmuş said, “This plan also included visiting the city center of İzmir. It's not time to stop by the city center after visiting the districts and towns. It has been a very valuable experience for me to have so many adventures without leaving the borders of a city.” Durmuş added that he wants to shoot a video in which he will explain the Izmir center in detail in the coming months.

What is Visitİzmir?

Visitİzmir, implemented under the coordination of İzmir Foundation and in partnership with İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, İzmir Development Agency and Sun Express, was prepared entirely with domestic software by İzmir Technology (formerly Ünibel), the software company of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality.

Visitİzmir mobile application, which contains information, photos and videos about more than 2 historical and touristic spots, guides those who want to discover the historical, cultural and natural riches of İzmir. It shows on the map how to reach these points with location information.

Visitİzmir was also designed as a social media platform and promotion channel. With the Visitİzmir application, users can comment on the touristic values ​​of İzmir and share their ideas with other users. In addition, they can like their own tourism spots, add them to their favorites and suggest brand new spots. Visitİzmir is constantly updated as an infrastructure that is constantly developing and growing in interaction, not a static software.

Golden Spider Awarded Visitİzmir

Visitİzmir won the second prize in the "Public Institution" category in the Golden Spider Competition, Turkey's independent web awards organization, in 2021.

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