Beware of Back Pain During Pregnancy!

Beware of Back Pain During Pregnancy
Beware of Back Pain During Pregnancy

Physical therapy and rehabilitation specialist Prof. Dr. Turan Uslu gave information about the subject. Pregnancy is a time when low back and back pain is very common. It is inconvenient to have X-ray, MRI, CT taken in patients who have low back pain problem during pregnancy. There are also problems with drug use. Surgical interventions should be avoided during pregnancy unless it is very necessary.

What postural changes occur during pregnancy?

Depending on the weight of the growing uterus (womb) during pregnancy, the body's center of gravity changes, as a result of which the spine is under more pressure than it normally carries. As the baby's weight increases, the load on the spinal joints, ligaments and discs increases. The natural curvatures of the spine change. As a result, low back pain, pubic pain, sciatica are seen. Headaches, shoulder pains, back pains, neck pains are seen due to posture disorders.

In addition, with the effect of hormones (relaxin hormone), relaxation occurs in all joints, especially in the joints in the pelvis bones, to prepare for childbirth. All these cause low back pain and sciatica complaints to be experienced frequently in expectant mothers.

Measures you can take to experience less low back pain complaints

1. Excessive weight gain should be avoided.

2. With regular exercise, the waist muscles should be kept strong and flexible.

3. Good posture habit kazanshould be done; A healthy posture is very important in terms of evenly distributing the weight to the bones, muscles and ligaments (ligaments) in the spine. A correct stance is the natural stance with the least pressure on the joints and ligaments.

4. Use of healthy shoes; Low-heeled shoes should be preferred throughout the entire pregnancy period. Both high-heeled and non-heeled shoes can increase back pain and sciatica complaints by increasing the load on the ligaments connecting the waist bones.

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