3 Vital Information to Avoid Heart Attack

3 Vital Information to Avoid Heart Attack
3 Vital Information to Avoid Heart Attack

Cardiology Specialist Dr. Murat Şener gave information about the subject. Many people die each year due to a heart attack. The most important reason for this is our lack of first aid knowledge. The figures show that the incidence of heart attacks has increased considerably in recent years. While the occlusion and narrowing of the heart vessels are among the most important factors affecting the heart attack, it should be noted that the heart attack, which was known as the old disease in the past, has also threatened the young people in recent years.

Healthy eating

The best precaution that heart diseases can take to reduce their risk of heart attack is to avoid foods that are harmful to the heart directly. With a healthy and proper diet, you can both reduce the risks and protect your heart health for years. Eating in moderation is one of the first precautions to be taken. Solid fats, especially frying oils, directly affect the heart negatively. Taking liquid oils instead of these oils will be a more correct move against atherosclerosis.


Factors such as genetics, age and gender also affect heart attacks. That's why it's so important to do sports regularly and have an active life… A body that does sports gets aging slower and cell renewal becomes more comfortable. Being active allows us to be directly at peace with our genetic characteristics. The basis of all health problems is usually an irregular eating habit and a lifestyle without exercise.

Healthy lifestyle

Harmful habits such as smoking and alcohol also increase the risk of heart attack. Such habits and sedentary life directly reduce the working rate of the heart. It has been stated in studies that especially women who quit smoking before menopause reduce the risk of heart attack. On the other hand, avoiding excessively salty foods and reducing sugar as much as possible will regulate the normal working tempo of the heart. Reducing alcohol consumption or quitting alcohol directly also eliminates the risk of heart attack.

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