200 Million TL Investment for Projects to Prevent Floods in İzmir

200 Million TL Investment for Projects to Prevent Floods in İzmir
200 Million TL Investment for Projects to Prevent Floods in İzmir

📩 20/11/2021 12:03

The investment attack of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality İZSU General Directorate to prevent floods caused by excessive precipitation continues. After the disaster on February 2, within the scope of the resilient city target, rainwater separation channels are being manufactured all over the city.

İZSU General Directorate accelerates infrastructure investments in many districts after the flood disaster in İzmir on February 2, and implements projects that will eliminate the problems, starting with the districts where the precipitation is effective. Particularly in the settlements where the altitude is close to the sea level, separation channels are manufactured in canals and rainwater lines that work with a combined system.

With the prepared rain water separation projects, Konak, Bornova, Buca, Karşıyaka, BayraklıIn the districts of , Çiğli, Karabağlar, Urla and Bayındır, the separation of 122,5 kilometers of rainwater line continues. For these investments, more than 200 million liras were allocated from the İZSU budget. Projects implemented in regions that have become chronic for years and are flooded with heavy rains have started to yield positive results.

Within the scope of İZSU's rain water separation projects;

  • 26 kilometers in Konak Gültepe, Murat, Atamer, Millet, Huzur, Anadolu, Zeybek, Çınartepe, Saygı, Mehmet Akif, Ferahlı, Boğaziçi, Yavuz Selim, 23 August, Ulubatlı and Umurbey neighborhoods,
  • 30 kilometers in Bornova's Kazımdirik, Adalet, Manavkuyu, Mansuroğlu, Ergene and Erzene districts,
  • 15 kilometers in the Akıncılar, Fırat, Kozağaç, Governor Rahmi Bey, Yenigün, Menderes, Dumlupınar, Çamlıkule, Adatepe, Kuruçeşme neighborhoods of Buca,
  • Bayraklı11 kilometers in Doğançay, Yamanlar, Postacılar, Emek and Onur neighborhoods,
  • It is 14 kilometers in the Güzeltepe, Şirintepe, Yakakent neighborhoods of Çiğli,
  • 9 kilometers in the Kibar, Ali Fuat Cebesoy, Günaltay and Selvili neighborhoods of Karabağlar,
  • Karşıyaka6 kilometers in the Zübeyde Hanım and İnönü neighborhoods of
  • 7 kilometers in the Çırpı and Hasköy neighborhoods of Bayındır and
  • The production of a 7,5 kilometers long rainwater separation line in Urla's Çeşmealtı district continues. In addition to the ongoing projects, Konak's Ali Reis, Hurşidiye, Namazgah, Sakarya, Yenigün, Akarcalı, Ballıkuyu, Kadifekale, Kocakapı, Kültür, Çınarlı, 31 kilometers in Ege and Alsancak districts, 11 kilometers in Şirinkapı, Hürriyet, Bucakoop, Yıldız and Kuruçeşme neighborhoods of Buca, 120 kilometers in Polygon, Üçkuyular, Göztepe and Hıfzissıhha districts, 11 kilometers in Çiğli Balatçık neighborhood, 2 kilometers within the scope of Bornova 14nd stage stormwater separation works The construction of a total of 187 kilometers of rainwater separation canals will begin.

Streams are rehabilitated, floods are prevented

In addition to rainwater separation productions, İZSU also continues its stream cleaning and improvement works. After the flood disaster, rehabilitation, cleaning, maintenance-repair and renewal works were carried out in 42 streams throughout İzmir. In addition, 30 thousand 400 tons, that is, approximately 402 thousand truck waste materials, were removed from 565 stream beds by using a resource of approximately 21 million liras.
Within a year, an average of 1 streams was cleaned in small creeks and an average of 3 times in large-section streams. The cleaning of the bottom mud in the streams continues on a regular basis.

In particular, Bostanlı Ahırkuyu Stream, Buffalo Stream, Poligon Stream, Balçova Hacı Ahmet Stream, Balçova Ilıca Stream, Meles Stream, Karşıyaka Comprehensive cleaning and improvement works were carried out at the points where the biggest problems were experienced, such as Kartalkaya Stream, Gaziemir Irmak Stream, Bornova Stream, Karabağlar Çitlembik Stream, Cheesecioğlu Stream, Ornekköy Bostanlı Stream.

Çiğli Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone Stream, which is one of the main stream beds pouring into the bay, is also being rehabilitated with a comprehensive improvement and regulation project implemented in three steps. Within the scope of the works carried out in 3 stages with an investment of 150 million 3 thousand liras, stream improvement and landscaping are also carried out in the areas where land and sea meet at AOSB Stream.

A rehabilitation project in harmony with nature has been implemented in the Bostanlı Stream, which passes through the Ornekkoy Neighborhood. Within the scope of the project, the creek bed is cleaned and a naturally permeable stone wall of 300 meters is manufactured, and the sewerage network passing through the stream is removed from the stream bed. As a result of the works carried out by İZSU in this region with a cost of 10 million liras, the risk of flooding and overflows will be minimized.

Within the scope of the activity program for 2022, in addition to the intensive works carried out in 2021 to prevent floods and overflows and reduce their effects, a share of more than 43 million TL was allocated from the İZSU budget for stream improvement and similar works. With this budget allocated, river cleaning and rehabilitation works will continue in 30 districts next year.

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