10 Attack Helicopters to be Procured for ANADOLU LHD

10 Attack Helicopters to be Procured for ANADOLU LHD
10 Attack Helicopters to be Procured for ANADOLU LHD

Rear Admiral Alper YENİEL (Naval Air Commander), who made a speech at the "Naval Air Projects" session held within the scope of the 10th Naval Systems Seminar, gave information about the ongoing projects.

It is aimed to introduce these platforms for the first time within the scope of the "Attack Helicopter Project" of the Turkish Naval Forces. In the presentation made, it is expected to receive 2022 attack helicopters within the scope of the protocol signed with the Land Forces in March 10. In the presentation, the images of the light attack helicopter T129 ATAK and the Heavy Class Attack Helicopter ATAK-II, or T-929, were included in the image regarding the supply of attack helicopters. Within the scope of the signed protocol, it is thought that the AH-1W Super Cobra attack helicopters, which are in the inventory of the Land Aviation Command and built on a sea basis, will be delivered to the Naval Air Command. In the recent past, it was stated that the force was interested in Atak helicopters.

It is known that the force wants a heavy class solution like Atak-II in the long term. In case of supply, AH-1W Super Cobra helicopters will be infrastructure preparation for heavy classes as an intermediate solution during the transition period. Currently, there is an approach to deploying heavy class attack helicopters on ANADOLU class and similar platforms. In addition to the heavy class higher ammunition capacity, they can perform tasks in more difficult sea conditions as platforms with high sea stance.

ATAK-II First Flight 2023

TUSAŞ General Manager Temel Kotil announced that the T929, that is, ATAK-II, is in the 11-ton class and can carry 1.500 kg of ammunition. He also stated that his engine would come from Ukraine, since there was no domestic and national engine alternative. Kotil also stated that it will be equipped with 2500 hp engines and will make its flight in 2023.

The helicopter, which will be developed with the Heavy Class Attack Helicopter Project Contract signed between SSB and TAI, will have approximately twice the take-off weight of our current ATAK helicopter and will be among the top class attack helicopters, of which there are only two examples in the world. The Heavy Class Attack Helicopter Project was initiated for the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces in this area. With the project, the design and production of an effective and deterrent attack helicopter with high maneuverability and performance, capable of carrying a high amount of payload, resistant to challenging environmental factors, equipped with advanced technology target tracking and imaging systems, electronic warfare systems, navigation systems, communication systems and weapon systems is planned.

Heavy Class Attack Helicopter Project Layout:

  • Project Main Contractor: TUSAŞ Türk Havacılık ve Uzay San. A.S.
  • First Flight: T0 + 60. moon
  • Project Duration: T0 + 102 months
  • Contract Outputs: Minimum 3 Prototype Helicopter Production and Technical Data Package
  • Development of 2 types of helicopters, sea and land version
  • A flexible approach setup at the upper limits of the technical specifications and determining the subsystem

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