Stop Aging With Facial Rejuvenation Aesthetics

stop aging with facial rejuvenation aesthetics
stop aging with facial rejuvenation aesthetics

Ear Nose and Throat Specialist Op. Dr. Mehmet Sucubaşı gave information about the subject. With aging, sagging, deep wrinkles, gesture and mimic lines are seen on the face. Our skin, which cannot defy the years, sags with the effect of gravity, and wrinkles deepen with time. Especially, raising eyebrows and facial expressions cause more wrinkles and deepening. Even with aging, collagen production decreases, muscle and fat tissue losses occur, bones become smaller. These processes are purely physiological and normal. As a result of all these effects, aging occurs. facial aesthetics This is where it comes into play.

What Should Our Perspective on Facial Aesthetics Be?

facial rejuvenation It is a highly preferred surgical procedure in aesthetic surgeries. It provides a younger appearance by eliminating the effects such as sagging and wrinkles that come with aging and have multifactorial causes. It is the application of one operation or more than one operation one after another to show the aging face fresh, renewed and rested. Since the aging process is a process that continues over time and does not stop, the facial rejuvenation process should be repeated with various surgical procedures or applications.

What Are the Aged Facial Symptoms?

Aging is a natural process that happens to everyone over time. Therefore, it is useful to monitor the symptoms well and to intervene early. For early intervention, it is necessary to follow and know the symptoms well. There is no overdue intervention in the aesthetic procedure. But you can protect your young skin with less troublesome methods. facial rejuvenation Before the procedure, you can follow the signs of aging and request surgical intervention. The signs of aging are;

  • Deepening of forehead lines.
  • Wrinkles around the eyebrows.
  • Sagging of the eyelids.
  • Formation of crow's feet.
  • Increased nose and lip folds and folding.
  • Sagging in the jaw and jowl line.
  • Veiling on the neck.
  • Increasing sunspots.
  • Under-eye bags and lines.

As a result of the appearance and increase of these symptoms, you can make an appointment with a specialist doctor and consult the necessary procedures.

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