New Tembelova Bridge Being Built

The new Lazova Bridge is being built
The new Lazova Bridge is being built

In the Gebze TEM Highway Bridges Connection Roads 1st Stage Project, which will ease the transportation between the city center and OIZs in Gebze, bridge construction and other productions continue intensively. The traffic in the region will become more regular when the project, in which the bridges of the General Directorate of Highways and the side roads of the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality are built, are completed.


The legs of the New Tembelova Bridge, which was demolished and rebuilt by the General Directorate of Highways, are currently being built in the project that will significantly relieve the traffic in Gebze. Pedestrian guardrail and isolation works are being carried out on the New Kirazpınar Bridge, which has been completed to a large extent. Metropolitan Municipality teams are also working on a new roundabout on the south side of the Tembelova Bridge, adjacent to Genç Caddesi. North and south side roads, Yeni Kirazpınar and Tembelova bridges will be connected with the road work to be carried out by the Metropolitan. At the eastern and western ends of the project, the connection road and bridges, which were previously built from scratch, were completed and offered to the citizens. All bridges built within the scope of the project are built in the form of 2×2. After the completion of the new Tembelova bridge, which was destroyed by the highways, a 300-meter road in total will be built by the Metropolitan in two parts in the north and south of the bridge.


While the bridges within the scope of the project are built by the Highways, the side roads and participation branches are made by the teams of the Metropolitan Municipality Science Affairs Department. Within the scope of the works, a total of 3 thousand 3 meters of side road is being built, 150 thousand meters in the southern part and 6 thousand 150 meters in the northern part. The length of the road built with participation branches and other roads reaches 12 kilometers.


Traffic density was experienced especially in the morning and evening hours on the Tembelova and Kirazpınar bridges on the TEM Highway, which connects the OIZs to the Gebze district center and the D-100 Highway. Within the scope of the project implemented jointly by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality with the General Directorate of Highways, parallel one-way side roads are being built to the TEM Highway in the north and south. Turning points are being built to allow crossings between both side roads. Thus, when the project is completely finished, all signalized intersections on the east-west axis will be eliminated. It is seen that the traffic has eased considerably in the places where the finished parts of the project are opened.

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