Why Kırıkkale Express Flights Don't Start?

Why is the Kirikkale Express not operating?
Why is the Kirikkale Express not operating?

Republican People's Party (CHP) Kırıkkale Deputy Atty. Ahmet Önal made a statement about the Kırıkkale Express, which was canceled due to railway renewal and maintenance works. Önal said, “The people of Kırıkkale are wondering if the expeditions will start again or not.”


Deputy Önal gave the following statements in his statement, “Our city of Kırıkkale has a population of 2020 in 278.703, and we have compatriots from Kırıkkale residing in different provinces of Turkey due to working conditions. We have many compatriots working in the neighboring provinces of our province, which connects 42 provinces. Our compatriots from Kırıkkale, whose families live in Kırıkkale and work in provinces such as Ankara, Çankırı, Kırşehir, make daily commute, sometimes using their personal vehicles and sometimes using commercial transportation vehicles.”


“Kırıkkale EXPRESS, which started to serve before 2007 and served many employees between Ankara and Kırıkkale until 2016, was a highly preferred transportation vehicle because it was very economical in terms of employees' budget. However, Kırıkkale EKSPESİ, which was later removed due to railway renewal and maintenance works, has not yet been put into service and has not started service, although the year is 2021. The people of Kırıkkale are wondering whether Kırıkkale EKSPESİ will be put into service again and whether it will start with expeditions.”



  1. In which year was the Kırıkkale Express, serving between Kırıkkale and Ankara, abolished? For what reason was it removed?
  2. Have railway renovation works been completed? At what stage are the studies?
  3. Will Kırıkkale EXPRESS start its flights again? Is there a timetable for this?
  4. What is the reason if Kırıkkale EXPRESS will not be put on the voyage again?”

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