When will Ankara AKM National Garden Open?

When will Ankara AKM National Bahcesi be opened?
When will Ankara AKM National Bahcesi be opened?

Environment and Urbanization Minister Murat Kurum invited the citizens to the opening of Ankara AKM Nation's Garden, which will include the nation's coffee house, conference hall, cultural center and large green areas, to be held on October 28 at 13.30.

In the message published on its social media account on the occasion of the opening of Ankara AKM National Garden, the institution said, “One of the most beautiful signs of our President's love for his country and nation, our nation is building our gardens in the most precious places of our 81 cities, new green areas, new living spaces for our nation. kazanwe're yelling." used the phrases.

Stating that they are excited to put the nation's garden, established in the heart of Ankara, into service on October 28 with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Kurum said, "Our nation garden, which we built in Ankara in the AKM area, will include the nation's cafe that will house thousands of books, a conference hall, a cultural With its central and large green areas, it will be a place where we will celebrate our holidays and be together with our nation.” shared his knowledge.

Minister of Environment and Urbanization Murat Kurum stated that he is ready to open its doors to the nation with playgrounds and sports fields where children can spend time having fun, horse riding and activity meadows, open air cinema, a national garden with bicycle paths, and orchards where colorful flowers, various fruits and vegetables will be grown.

With AKM Nation's Garden, Ankara is not only a new green area, but also a very important historical and cultural valley that smells of history and the will of the nation. kazanMinister Murat Kurum, who stated that they are

“The National Garden, on one side our First Assembly representing the founding will of the Republic, on the other side our Ankara Police Department, one of the symbolic places of the 15 July nation epic, Ankara Train Station, where the black trains that carried soldiers to our War of Independence and took our martyrs and veterans to their hometowns rested, Atatürk Cultural Center, the new With the Presidential Symphony Orchestra building and the Open Air Theatre, it will be the new center of civilization, history, culture, science and art.

I invite all our compatriots, from 7 to 70, to our national garden, which we will open in a festive atmosphere with many events such as concerts, cinema, theater, archery shows, conferences, and kite festival. Our grandparents, grandchildren, mothers and fathers, your children, come and get your flags from the houses. I look forward to our little environmental inspectors who protect and watch over our environment, and our young climate ambassadors. Children and young people, this place, which will be the symbol of national will, national sovereignty and independence, is yours the most, I am waiting for you all. I congratulate the Republic Day of our beloved nation with the most heartfelt feelings.”

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