What Causes the Feeling of Hunger? How to Suppress Hunger?

causes a feeling of hunger
causes a feeling of hunger

Dietitian Aysima Duygu Aksoy gave information about the subject. Food, which is one of our physiological needs, has to be met at certain times of the day. The foods that an adult person consumes 3 meals a day (morning - lunch - evening) not only aim to ensure the normal functioning of our metabolism, but also prevent us from feeling hungry psychologically. Although the most important factor in our brain's feeling of hunger is the increase in the level of hormones in our body, psychological indicators that can change instantly can also create this feeling.

Why Do We Get Hungry?

This is due to two main reasons. The first of these is the “ghrelin hormone”, which is found in every healthy person and triggers the feeling of hunger in our brain. Ghrelin, also known as the hunger hormone, undertakes the task of regulating our appetite along with the use of food and energy in our body. The second reason why we are hungry is purely psychological. The most important reason for this situation is that individuals who need to be fed periodically during the day; It is the situation that causes feelings arising from learned motives even if they do not reach the hunger limit when the feeding time approaches. In a healthy individual, these two reasons allow us to encounter the feeling of hunger. However, the most important point to be considered here is whether the feeling of hunger does not go away after we fill our stomach. One of the most prominent features of obesity is the feeling of hunger that does not go away when we have a full stomach. Because the act of eating is not only for the purpose of eliminating our sense of hunger, but also to provide the body with salt, water, protein, minerals and vitamins that our body needs. When we evaluate it within the framework of our subject, let's answer the question of how to eliminate the natural feeling of hunger that we all experience.

How to Suppress Hunger?

In the light of the researches, the most known way to eliminate the feeling of hunger in the stomach is to consume fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh fruits and vegetables, thanks to the vitamins, minerals, water and glucose they contain, will not only balance the sugar level in the blood, but also minimize the amount of ghrelin hormone that causes hunger. At the same time, it will temporarily reduce the feeling of hunger while regulating digestion with its fiber ratio.

Whole-grain snacks are also among the important foods that suppress the sudden onset of hunger. You can satisfy your sense of hunger in a healthy way, especially with bread consisting of unrefined and unrefined grains, and snacks such as low sugar or salt-free cookies.

Apart from these two food groups, drinking water also relieves the feeling of hunger in your stomach. According to experts, when you encounter a feeling of hunger, you should drink 2 glasses of water; After a 5-10 minute break, if your hunger has not passed, you should eat something.

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