Voting System is Changing! Electronic Voting Method on the Agenda

voting system is changing electronic voting method is on the agenda
voting system is changing electronic voting method is on the agenda

The AK Party discussed alternative systems for voting. Accordingly, the envelopes in which the ballot papers were placed will vanish into history. Electronic voting is another method that is being studied.

According to the AK Party's study of the "technology compatible" new "voting system", the envelopes in which the ballot papers are put into the ballot boxes will become a thing of the past. Pointing out that Turkey is one of the two countries in the world that uses envelopes during voting, the sources said, “The ballot papers will be closed by ensuring the confidentiality of the vote and put into the ballot boxes. Thus, the argument that the number of sealed-unsealed ballots, envelopes and ballot papers in each election matched or did not match will end.”


Another regulation in the new study is electronic voting. According to the model, which is built on the new chip ID cards, citizens will vote by scanning their fingerprints at the kiosks to be set up at each ballot box on the election day. In the model that will allow the game to be canceled or changed without shutting down the system, the votes of the citizens will be recorded in the system and the ballot box will be printed out from the kiosk and put into the established ballot boxes. Thus, the vote of every citizen who votes will be confirmed bilaterally. AK Party officials, "With this method, especially in the East and Southeast, problems such as voting for someone else and the turnstile system can be avoided."

Günceleme: 15/10/2021 12:18

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