Van Intercity Bus Terminal Made Modern and Safe

Van Intercity Bus Terminal
Van Intercity Bus Terminal

The Intercity Bus Terminal, which was renovated by the Van Metropolitan Municipality, was made more modern and safe. The Metropolitan Municipality, which carries out citizen-oriented municipal services, has completed the renovation works it started at the Intercity Bus Terminal. In addition to the modern social facility building and the district bus station, the terminal has been brought to a level that will meet the needs of the citizens with the works carried out, as well as lighting, seating benches, cafes, restaurants, restaurants, placing X-Ray devices at the security points at the terminal entrances and exits and closing the terminal campus to private vehicle entrances. innovations were made. The Bus Terminal, which has been made more modern and comfortable with the works carried out by the Department of Business and Affiliates, received full marks from the citizens.


A citizen named Şevket Oral, who stated that there was no place where they could spend time before, said, “Our bus terminal was not in a very good condition before. Our social facilities were destroyed in earthquakes. There was no space where we could spend time or host our guests. With the work of the Metropolitan Municipality, our terminal has become more functional with its security, social facilities, cafe restaurants and restaurants. We thank everyone who contributed,” he said.


Expressing that the terminal has been qualified to meet the needs of the passengers with the works carried out, Bus Company Operator Murat Topçu said, “The works carried out here satisfied both us and our passengers. With the arrangements made, our terminal has become safer and more comfortable. In the past, everyone could enter the terminal as they wished. Now, X-Ray devices have been placed at the security points at the entrances and exits. Items brought here are passed through devices. Our passengers have gained new areas where they can meet their needs and spend time until the bus time. Our Honorable Governor is also very interested in our problems. We would like to thank them and everyone who contributed," he said.

Stating that he runs a cafe here, Volkan Özgül said that with the innovations made, these places were in order and said, “There were old and ruined buildings here before. With the efforts of the municipality, a new social facility and district bus station were built here. The arrangements made brought a new harmony here. We are striving to operate this place in the best possible way. This is our outer face. “People say that they are satisfied with it,” he said.

Van Intercity Bus Terminal, which was damaged in the earthquakes that took place in the city in 2011, was renovated with the instructions of Van Governor and Deputy Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Emin Bilmez. New social facilities and district bus station buildings were built on the terminal campus, and the deficiencies in the terminal were quickly eliminated.

The Metropolitan Municipality also prepared a project for the new bus station building, which is planned to be integrated with the road, with the ring road coming into service.

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