Turkey's Eye Health Will Be Discussed in Antalya

Turkey's Eye Health Will Be Discussed in Antalya
Turkey's Eye Health Will Be Discussed in Antalya

The 93th National Congress of the Turkish Ophthalmology Association, which was established 55 years ago, one of the most established associations of our country and represents Turkish ophthalmologists, will be held in Antalya between 3-7 November 2021 with the contributions of the Turkish Ophthalmology Association Konya-Antalya Branch.

The congress, which is the most important and most comprehensive event in the field of eye diseases and eye health in our country, is planned to be attended by approximately 255 eye specialists, 420 local speakers, 30 foreign speakers, as well as 32 companies and 11 company representatives from Turkey and abroad.

The Turkish Ophthalmology Association (TOD), as one of the most established professional organizations in Turkey, attaches great importance to increasing the professional skills and experience of Turkish ophthalmologists. While the association conducts numerous training seminars throughout the year, the National Ophthalmology Congress stands out as the most important scientific activity of TOD. The congress, which was held with virtual live connections for the first time last year, is again organizing a face-to-face congress this year. Sueno Hotel and Congress Center, where all kinds of measures are taken within the scope of pandemic measures, will host the most important ophthalmologists of Turkey and the world for 5 days.

Panels, courses, roundtables, video sessions, oral presentations, poster activities and satellite meetings will be organized this year as every year, within the scope of the 55th National Congress of the Turkish Ophthalmology Association to be held at the Sueno Hotel and Congress Center in Antalya Belek. will discuss all the developments in our country and in the world.

Science Further Education programs

In National Ophthalmology Congresses, advanced studies and new information in the field of ophthalmology have been shared under the title of Science Advanced Education Programs (BİLEP) for years. This year, 12 (BİLEP) meeting sessions will be held and the congress will be opened with BİLEP meetings that will continue once again.

The goal is to share up-to-date scientific data.

President of the Turkish Ophthalmology Association Prof. Dr. İzzet Can stated that they are excited to organize a face-to-face congress again this year after the virtual congress held last year, and said, “We are looking forward to meeting with our ophthalmologist colleagues. I believe that our congress, which has been going on for 55 years and provides our physicians with scientific data, current developments, information and practices on eye treatments in the world, will make a significant contribution to ophthalmologists.”

The importance of ophthalmologists in the pandemic was understood

Noting that the aim of the association is to contribute to the postgraduate education of ophthalmologists, Prof. Dr. İzzet Can said, “We will come together again as a big family of Turkish ophthalmologists. I believe that our congress will turn into a great scientific feast with the transfer of experiences and the quality of the meetings, as it is every year. We will evaluate the developments in eye health and treatments in our country and in the world. Especially in pandemic conditions, the intensity of digital life has spoiled our eyes. In this period, the importance of ophthalmologists became more evident.” he said.

There is a great demand for participation from both domestic and foreign physicians to the congress. Ophthalmologists from England, Germany, France, Greece, Denmark, Italy, USA, Canada, Brazil, India, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Scotland, Colombia, Uzbekistan, Portugal, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkic Republics, Singapore are expected to attend the meetings. .

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