Turkish Space Agency's IAF Membership Has Been Registered

Turkish Space Agency's IAF Membership Has Been Registered
Turkish Space Agency's IAF Membership Has Been Registered

Turkish Space Agency (TUA); It took place in IAC 2021 organized by the International Astronautical Federation (IAF) at the Dubai World Trade Center. The International Astronautical Federation (IAF) has 71 members from 407 countries. A large area was allocated to TUA at the fair, which will continue until October 29, 2021. Together with TUA, TÜBİTAK Space Technologies Research Institute, Gökmen Aerospace Education Center (GUHEM), Delta V Space Technologies Inc. and Saha Istanbul also participated in the fair.

With the IAF General Assembly held within the scope of the congress, the membership of TUA to the IAF was registered. According to the news on the TUA official website, in the Congress; Collaboration meetings will be held for the goals in the National Space Program. It is envisaged that TUA will hold more than 25 bilateral meetings between states and institutions. In this context, it is planned to hold meetings with the relevant space agencies of Russia, Japan, the United Kingdom and Azerbaijan, as well as with international companies that have recently attracted attention with their work on space, such as Space X and Blue Origin.

Turkish Space Agency's IAF membership has been registered

As of 2021, the Turkish Space Agency opened a stand for the first time at the 72nd IAC. TUA President Serdar Hüseyin Yıldırım pointed out that IAC is the most important space meeting in the world.

“As we continue to evaluate these, IAC 2021 will be a very useful organization for us in terms of predicting alternatives. During the event, we will hold bilateral meetings with many agencies and companies. In addition, it is necessary to be here to protect and protect our country's existence and rights in space. Let's not forget that those who do not have a trace in the future space will not have a word in the world.”

He stated that they received positive feedback and cooperation offers from many countries regarding the National Space Program.

GUHEM's IAF membership has been registered

GUHEM's membership to the IAF was registered with the Turkish Space Agency as a result of the voting held at the general assembly held at the International Astronautics Congress, the world's largest space congress, held in Dubai between 25-29 October.

Halit Mirahmetoğlu, General Manager of GUHEM; “With the acceptance of GUHEM as a member of the IAF, its becoming one of the few museums in the world has thus been registered.” said.

IAF membership of the turkish space agency has been registered
IAF membership of the turkish space agency has been registered

Together with TUA and GUHEM, the number of members of the IAF from Turkey has reached 8. TUBITAK in 2009, ITU in 2011, TAMSAT in 2013, Necmettin Erbakan University Faculty of Aviation and Space Sciences and GUMUSH Aerospace & Defense and STM in 2014 became members of the IAF.

GUMUSH Aerospace & Defense, which registered its membership in 2013, opened a stand at IAC 2021 at H8-32F; He stated that he took part in promoting his work for the space industry and for potential collaborations.

Moon mission and DeltaV Space Technologies

DeltaV Space Technologies participating in the IAC 2021 Fair with TUA; exhibited the model, which is supposed to represent the moon mission, at its stand at the fair. DeltaV Space Technologies; It will develop a hybrid engine that will carry the spacecraft from earth orbit to the moon in the lunar mission named "First contact with the Moon" in the National Space Program.

There are 2021 engines and 4 payloads in the model exhibited at the IAF 4 Fair. Although the model's representation of the lunar surface evokes the spacecraft to be used in the lunar mission, no official statement has been made on this subject. The official announcement is expected to be made in late 2021.

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