International Meeting Hosted by Turkish Motor Vehicles Bureau

international meeting hosted by turkey motor vehicle office
international meeting hosted by turkey motor vehicle office

Council of Bureaux's “Meeting of Offices of Member States Except for License Plate Agreements” was held in Istanbul, hosted by the Turkish Motor Vehicles Bureau. Council of Bureaux President Sandra Schwarz also attended the meeting with international participation.

Turkish Motor Vehicles Bureau, which was established with the aim of facilitating the international circulation of motor vehicles and ensuring that compensation is paid in accordance with the laws and regulations of that country in the event of an accident, hosted an important international meeting in Istanbul.

Turkey Motor Vehicles Bureau, one of the 47 members of Council of Bureaux, hosted esteemed guests, including Council of Bureaux (COB) President Sandra Schwarz, at the meeting held at Fairmont Quasar on October 21.

Turkey Motor Vehicles Bureau Manager Mehmet Akif Eroğlu, Bureau Chairman Remzi Duman, Turkish Insurance Association General Secretary Özgür Obalı, COB Secretary General Greet Flore and COB President Sandra Schwarz gave speeches in the closed session of the event, and meetings were held with members from abroad. .

M. Akif Eroğlu, Director of Turkish Motor Vehicles Bureau, who made the opening speech, said that despite the fact that the Bureau's Green Card production decreased by 70% due to the 49% decrease in units, especially in the automobile group, during the pandemic period, thanks to the continuation of commercial life, the Green Card production was the most important. Noting that there was no radical decrease in premium production due to only a 2% decrease in the number of units in the tractor group, which has a large share, he shared the information that as of the 2021th month of 9, there was a pleasing increase in Green Card number and premium production with the spread of vaccination and controlled relaxation. In his speech, Eroğlu stated that in accordance with the Bureau vision document they created, the aim of the Bureau is to represent Turkey in the best possible way, to communicate more with the sector and to be an institution that creates value for its stakeholders. Eroğlu stated that for this purpose, they aim to analyze the accident statistics under the responsibility of the offices and share them with the drivers, and to reduce the accidents based on human error, especially in traffic accidents in international travels, and that they are in contact with the International Transporters Association and the Bureaus Council. Stating that unauthorized persons are defrauding drivers with fake Green Cards, Eroğlu emphasized that they have activated the application of the 'Green Card Certificate' confirmation with a QR code so that innocent drivers are not harmed in this regard, and asked the drivers to check the Green Cards they have received from the e-government so that they do not suffer victimization. Eroğlu stated that they went into mutual cooperation with Azerbaijan, that they wanted to provide 'Digital Green Card' control at the border, thus aiming to prevent counterfeiting.

Obalı: “We stand by the insured in natural disasters”

Özgür Obalı, Secretary General of the Insurance Association of Turkey (TSB), shared numerical information about the Turkish insurance sector. Obalı, who stated that as the Association, while trying to expand the insurance sector, supported the insured during the pandemic period, said that 355 billion 1 million TL compensation was paid, 42 million TL of which was health and 1 billion 397 million TL was life branch, and the recommendations made. He said that with the support of more than 400 million TL, they contributed approximately 1,8 billion TL in total.

Referring to the increasing impact of natural disasters caused by climate change in our country as well as all over the world, Obalı emphasized that in the face of recent forest fires and floods, the insurance industry took quick action and together with all stakeholders, they stood by the insured in these regions.

Obalı also stated that as the Insurance Association of Turkey, they set their goals as the growth of the sector, taking initiatives for the public good, increasing the product variety and listening to the wishes of the customers. Obalı: “As the Insurance Association of Turkey, we care about supporting the work of all affiliates, and we continue our work within the framework of the integration of the Association and related institutions, increasing mutual cooperation and communication.”

Remzi Duman, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bureau, who spoke at the meeting, stated that as a result of the coronavirus epidemic that spread throughout the world in the first quarter of 2020, global travel restrictions came and the limited mobility caused by the epidemic narrowed the service sector, especially tourism activities. He underlined that the Bureau has taken a series of measures to reduce the negative reflection of these effects on the insured. In this context, Duman stated that as the Bureau, premium refunds are provided in the cancellations of 'Short-Term Green Cards', that 'short-term' premium refunds are switched from 'day-based' premium refunds in partial cancellations of Green Cards, as of June 1, 2020, 100 Euros per year excluding BITT. He stated that the price of the Green Card has been reduced to 85 Euros, that the policyholders can 'stop' their policy coverage upon their request and that they can re-enforce their coverage before the expiry of their policies, and that 75% of the companies evaluated in the Fleet application have a Fleet discount of up to 20%.

President Duman stated that the Bureau represents Turkey in the Green Card system under the responsibility of the Council of Bureaus, and that it performs important functions both in the compensation of accidents abroad of vehicles with Turkish license plates and in the compensation of accidents caused by vehicles with foreign license plates, in order to ensure that these duties are duly fulfilled. He said that they are working to have a more institutional structure in line with the requirements of the age. Duman also stated that they are working to increase the visibility of the Bureau and the awareness of the Green Card system.

“An Important Player of Turkey's Green Card System”

Chairperson of the Bureaus Council Sandra Schwarz, who attended the meeting as a speaker, stated that the Green Card system serves an important purpose by protecting the victims during international travels, and said that in this context, important difficulties such as data sharing and sanctions are encountered. Schwarz also stated that Turkey is an important and major player in the Green Card system and plays a vital role in the continuity of the system.

In his speech, Secretary General of the Bureaus Council Greet Flore stated that the digitalization of the Green Card certificate and the implementation of the insurance controls at the borders through databases is one of the most important projects of the Bureaus Council.

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