The Wind of Turkish Theater Will Blow in the Balkans

The winds of Turkish theater will blow in the Balkans
The winds of Turkish theater will blow in the Balkans

Two outstanding works, which are watched with admiration by the theater audience in Turkey, will meet with art lovers in the Balkans.

While Istanbul State Theater's play "Bir Nefes Dede Korkut" opens the curtain in North Macedonia, Ankara State Theatre's sold-out play "Bizim Yunus" will be staged in Albania.

“Bir Nefes Dede Korkut”, which will meet with the audience at the 5th International Othello Theater Festival to be held in Gostivar, North Macedonia, will open the curtain at the Theater Gostivar Stage on 5 October at 20.00:XNUMX.

The play, in which the Dede Korkut stories Boğaç, Deli Dumrul and Tepegöz are told, will be evaluated by the jury team consisting of the leading theater directors, critics and state theater artists of the Balkans, along with other works participating in the festival. “Best Play”, “Best Director”, “Best Actor” and “Best Actress” awards will be presented to the successful ones.

Invitation to Bizim Yunus from Albania

Written by Sönmez Atasoy and directed by Mustafa Kurt, the General Artistic Director of State Theaters, the play “Our Yunus” will be a special guest of the Albanian Skampa Theater Festival.

At the Skampa Theater Festival, which will be held for the 23rd time this year under the name 'Theater Three', distinguished theater teams from Turkey as well as Kosovo, Lithuania, Serbia, Albania and Montenegro will take the stage.

Ankara State Theater artist Alpay Ulusoy's play “Our Yunus”, in which Yunus Emre plays Yunus Emre, will meet with theatergoers on October 6 at 19.00 at the Skampa Stage.

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