All Emergency Numbers Collected at 112

All emergency numbers were also collected.
All emergency numbers were also collected.

All emergency numbers were collected at 112, approximately 3 million 31 thousand 964 calls were answered in the last 196 months. “112 Emergency Call Centers”, where citizens can request help from 112 from a single number in case of emergency, have been expanded throughout the country. With the expansion of 112 Emergency Call Centers, 3 million 31 thousand 964 calls were received in 196 months.

Instead of calling 110 Fire Warning, 112 Sanitary Emergency, 155 Police Emergency, 156 Gendarmerie Emergency, 122 Alo AFAD, 177 Forest Fire Warning and 158 Coast Guard numbers in emergencies, our Ministry combined these numbers under one roof at 112.

In this context, 112 Emergency Call Centers in accordance with the technology were built in the provinces. These centers, which started operating in 53 provinces last year, were expanded to 2021 provinces as of June 81. With the spread of 112 calls across the country, 3 million 31 thousand 964 calls were received in the last 196 months.

Nearly 60 Million Calls Are Unfounded

More than half of the calls made to the 112 call centers, which citizens call in an emergency, were unfounded calls. While 2020 million 88 thousand 341 calls were received in 131, 59 million 720 thousand 69 of these calls were unfounded. unfounded calls; In addition to those who want to try the phone and order food, there are people who call to see if I can go out in isolation.

Calls are Welcomed in 4 Foreign Languages

In the 11 Emergency Call Centers, which serve on a 478/7 basis with 24 thousand 112 personnel, calls are answered in four foreign languages ​​besides Turkish. Apart from spoken languages, the center provides emergency call services to hearing-impaired citizens with the 112 Barrier-Free application in sign language.

Vefa Social Support Groups Directed by 112 Emergency Call

122 Emergency Centers, which sent Vefa Social Support Groups and Provincial and District Epidemic Control Center personnel (İSDEM), which came to the aid of citizens during the pandemic period, showed their effect in road permit procedures and other emergencies, ensuring that the needs were met quickly.

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