Rules to be followed to prevent traffic accidents

Rules to be followed to prevent traffic accidents
Rules to be followed to prevent traffic accidents

The majority of traffic accidents experienced today are caused by human errors. Drivers can prevent accidents that cause death or serious injury by paying attention to some rules and taking precautions that can be considered simple. Serving its customers with a long-established history of more than 150 years, Generali Sigorta shared the points that drivers must pay attention to both for themselves and for the lives of other people in traffic while driving.

obeying speed limits

Speed ​​limits provide safety by reducing the risk of accidents in traffic. Exceeding the speed limit or driving at a speed above the traffic rules increases the rate of death and serious injury in an accident. It is important for drivers to comply with speed limits in terms of driving safety.

Maintaining following distance

The following distance, which can cause chain traffic accidents from time to time, is the distance between two vehicles moving at the same point. The lack of following distance, which is overlooked by many drivers and endangers safe driving, is among the first causes of many accidents. It should always be remembered that the following distance in meters should be at least half of the vehicle's kilometers per hour.

Don't drink and drive

Drinking and driving is one of the most important crimes that endanger traffic safety. In our country, it is completely prohibited for commercial vehicle drivers and public service drivers to drive while drunk. If the driver is drunk as a result of the test with a breathalyzer; Pursuant to Article 2918/48 of the Highway Traffic Law No. 5, he is fined, his vehicle is banned from traffic and his driver's license is withdrawn by the Traffic Police for a period of (6) months.

Obeying traffic signs and lights

Traffic signs are the common language of drivers, pedestrians and passengers during traffic. It is very important for traffic safety to use this common language consisting of traffic signs correctly and appropriately. Traffic accidents due to non-compliance with traffic signs cause many severely damaged accidents. In addition, not obeying the traffic lights and passing the red light is one of the important causes of traffic accidents. It should not be forgotten that it is critical to comply with traffic signs and lights in terms of driving safety.

focus on driving

Distracted driving is among the top causes of traffic accidents. Distracted driving includes anything that distracts the driver's attention from the road. Texting on the phone, eating while driving, changing songs, picking up fallen objects, caring for children in the backseat, and talking on the phone distract drivers. It should not be forgotten that the priority is safe driving during the flow of traffic, and all distractions should be avoided at all times.

Not driving while drowsy

It is reflected in the statistics that tired and sleepless driving is one of the most important causes of accidents. This critical situation, which is not known or ignored enough, negatively affects the performance of the drivers and causes serious traffic accidents. It should not be forgotten that being sleepy and tired slows down the reflexes of the driver and also disables the sudden decision-making mechanism. For this reason, it is important for the driver to take a break and rest every 2 hours while driving long distances.

Do not overtake incorrectly

One of the most common causes of traffic accidents is wrong overtaking. Overtaking a vehicle is risky business, so overtaking requires knowledge and a lot of attention. It is important not to overtake in places where overtaking is prohibited by any traffic sign, on hilltops and bends with poor visibility, when approaching pedestrian and school crossings, at intersections, railway crossings, bridges and tunnels where two-way traffic is used with one lane for going and coming.

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