Hybrid Vehicle Support from Toyota to Bursa OIB MTAL

hybrid vehicle support from toyota oib mtale
hybrid vehicle support from toyota oib mtale

Companies continue to support the Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School (OIB MTAL), which was established by UIudağ Automotive Industry Exporters' Association (OIB) to train qualified personnel needed by the automotive industry. While the automotive industry is undergoing a great transformation around the world, the important players of the industry and the educational institutions that train qualified personnel for the industry are trying to keep up with this transformation in cooperation. In this context, Toyota Automotive Industry Turkey donated a Toyota C-HR hybrid vehicle to the school in order to support the education of OIB MTAL students.

Toyota C-HR hybrid vehicle donation ceremony; Provincial National Education Deputy Director Metin Sezer, OIB Deputy Chairman of the Board Orhan Sabuncu, Toyota Automotive Industry Turkey Cost and Accounting Group General Manager Cengiz Belgin, OIB MTAL Deputy Director Abdullah Yaşar and OIB MTAL Deputy Technical Director Mehmet Öztürk, as well as teachers and students participated.

Turnkey delivery of the donated vehicle

OIB Vice Chairman of the Board Orhan Sabuncu expressed their satisfaction with the support of OIB MTAL, which trains qualified personnel for the automotive industry, for the support of the industry's major players. He stated that the private sector, public sector, NGOs and educational institutions should work in cooperation in order to achieve harmony. Cengiz Belgin, General Manager of Toyota Automotive Industry Turkey Cost and Accounting Group, also mentioned that they care about bringing students into the society in technical and professional terms, with their understanding that supports education as an institutional value.

Metin Sezer, Deputy Provincial Director of National Education, also thanked OIB and everyone who supported it, and emphasized that the students are taking firm steps towards the future with their enthusiasm and determination to learn. Mehmet Öztürk, Deputy Technical Manager of OIB MTAL, also underlined that the students' practice with the latest technological tools in their education contributed greatly to them.

After the speeches, Toyota Automotive Industry Turkey Cost and Accounting Group General Manager Cengiz Belgin delivered the Toyota C-HR hybrid vehicle on a turnkey basis. The delegation then made some examinations at the school.

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