Toyota Mirai Sets Guinness World Record

toyota mirai breaks guinness world record
toyota mirai breaks guinness world record

Toyota's hydrogen fuel cell vehicle Mirai broke new ground. Mirai achieved the Guinness World Record title as the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle that traveled the longest distance with a single tank.

Mirai, which was filled in just five minutes on the tour held in Southern California, broke this record by traveling 1360 km. Thus, Mirai's record marked a new milestone for zero-emission vehicles. Introduced in its first generation in 2014 and now offered in its second generation, the fuel cell Mirai has raised the bar in zero emission vehicles in terms of technology and design.

Toyota Mirai's record attempt was followed closely by Guinness World Records, adhering to strict rules and documentation procedures. Guinness World Records referee Michael Empric certified Mirai's tank with a seal at both the beginning and end of the journey. In this efficiency-oriented journey, Mirai has achieved both high efficiency and long distances by emitting only water vapor from its exhaust.

The 2-day journey, led by professional drivers Wayne Gerdes and Bob Winger, began at the Toyota Technical Center, which is home to the fuel cell development group. Around 760 km was covered on the first day and 600 km was covered on the second day, and the journey was completed at Toyota's Technical Center with a total of 1360 km.

Mirai consumed 5.65 kg of hydrogen at the end of the journey and passed 12 hydrogen stations without needing to be refueled. While a standard internal combustion vehicle will travel the same distance with 300 kg of CO2 emissions, Mirai, which is used during heavy traffic hours, has completed its journey with zero emissions.

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