Tesla Will Continue to Produce Model 3 in China

tesla will continue to produce model u in China
tesla will continue to produce model u in China

A statement from Tesla's founder and boss Elon Musk's Twitter account announces that Tesla's Model 3 production is planned to continue in China. One of Tesla's goals is to reach higher production volumes in China in the coming years. These declarations of intent essentially took the form of initiating the construction of a giga-facility with the Shanghai city authorities.

This latest generation infrastructure is located on an 865 thousand square meter area in Shanghai's well-known manufacturing district, Lingang. Thanks to this residential facility, Tesla delivered a record number of vehicles in the first quarter. This meant that as much as 30 percent of Tesla's global sales were made in China. Essentially, China means Tesla's second market in the world after its home country, the USA.

Model 3 is the model that allows to reach record sales in the Chinese market. Because this model is more compact and more expensive than the Model S and X models. Essentially, Tesla also relies on the Model 3 to get to the mass manufacturer stage. In this context, the company reports that its production facility will reach a production capacity of more than half a million electric vehicles per year. Moreover, the brand in question does not intend to stop here; It also targets more ambitious projects.

Source: China International Radio

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