TESK Requests Commercial Fuel for Tradesmen

TESK Requests Commercial Fuel and Free Bridge, Highway Crossing for Tradesmen
TESK Requests Commercial Fuel and Free Bridge, Highway Crossing for Tradesmen

TESK Chairman Bendevi Palandöken stated that the tradesmen had difficulties in the face of the price hikes in fuel and that these hikes had a negative impact on all products, and said that bridge and highway crossings should be free of charge.

President of the Confederation of Turkish Tradesmen and Craftsmen, Bendevi Palandöken, who said that commercial fuel should be provided because the most important cost item for tradesmen is fuel, said, "While the fuel item is the most important cost item for our tradesmen, it also directly affects the prices of all products from A to Z.

Even though a large part of it is not reflected in the pump with the Eşel mobile system, the reflected increases and the latest hikes have started to put a lot of pressure on our tradesmen. By increasing the direct cost item in passenger and freight transportation kazanThese fuel price hikes are causing the decrease in cin. While our shopkeepers are struggling with these hikes, they are saving themselves so as not to reflect the prices on the citizens. The pressure of the tradesmen is directly reflected in the pockets of the citizens. This negatively affects the economy, especially inflation. Providing commercial fuel for commercial vehicles has become the most important expectation at this point, he said.

Get free bridge and highway tolls

Stating that the transport tradesmen should be exempt from compulsory bridge and highway crossings for at least a while, Palandöken said, “One of the most important cost items after commercial fuel is the compulsory bridge and highway tolls. These wages should not be taken from our tradesmen, at least for a while, until the effects of the pandemic have completely subsided. However, during the pandemic process, the penalties due to these transitions and the executions arising from these penalties should also be stopped. Solving these situations, which increase the cost of our driver tradesmen, will directly affect the pocket of the citizen. As long as the costs of our tradesmen do not increase, they do not raise any wages in any way. Therefore, support should be provided in commercial fuel and compulsory bridge highway crossings so that our tradesmen, who are shown as the cause of price increases in the markets, are not under this suspicion.”

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