TCDD Will Recruit 25 Permanent Workers? Here are the TCDD Recruitment Application Conditions

tcdd will get railway traffic operator
tcdd will get railway traffic operator

📩 30/11/2021 09:48

Republic of Turkey General Directorate of State Railways Administration 25 railway traffic operators will be recruited as indefinite-term workers in workplaces located within the provincial borders of Istanbul.

Our Labor Requests will be published in İŞKUR between 19.10.2021 – 25.10.2021. For Details of the Announcement CLICK HERE

General Terms and Conditions

1-Candidates to be recruited in the art branch of the Railroad Traffic Controller will be employed in our workplaces located within the provincial borders of ISTANBUL.

2-Candidates should not be older than 46 as of the application deadline for the labor force demand announced by İŞKUR,

3-Candidates are placed in the Electricity, Electronics, Electrical Electronics, Machinery, Engine, Mechatronics departments of vocational high schools and in the Electrical, Electronics, Electrical Electronics, Machinery, Engine, Mechatronics programs and equivalence groups of vocational schools as of the deadline for the labor demand announced in İŞKUR. Applications of those who come as a bachelor's degree will not be accepted.

4- As of the application deadline for the labor demand announced in İŞKUR, candidates can be a train driver for 3 years (Train Engineer, Tram/Metro Driver (Vatman)) or 2 years as a traffic controller (Railway Traffic Controller, Traffic Chief Controller (Railroad) ), Urban Rail Systems Traffic Controller) is required. Candidates will document their work with SGK Registration and Service Document with data matrix. This document is registered with the e-government password. will be taken from.

5- The candidates in the final list sent by İŞKUR; TCDD website (with the documents stated below) will be checked in the Human Resources Department of the General Directorate of TCDD Enterprise between the dates to be announced in the announcements section and the documents will be taken.

6- Candidates who apply for our requests for which the experience requirement is required, if they cannot document this, a report will be drawn up about them and the Turkish Employment Agency will be informed that their application has not been accepted because they do not meet the necessary conditions.

Documents required

-Copy of identity card,

- Criminal record document with the TR ID number (from the Public Prosecutor's Office or with e-government password) address) will be received. Those who have a criminal record will bring court decisions regarding the decisions in the criminal record.

-Copy of education certificate (The field/branch will be specified in the education document.)

-Military status certificate (The document they will bring will state that they are discharged, suspended, paid or exempted),

– With e-government password Place of Residence (Residence) and Other Address Document obtained from

– With e-government password SGK Registration and Service Statement with DataMatrix obtained from the address,

-TCDD website ( Job Request Information Form published in the announcements section (The form will be filled in handwriting with a blue ballpoint pen and signed),

7- If the candidates who submit documents for the labor demand announced in İŞKUR are 4 times or less than the demand, there will be no drawing of lots in the presence of a notary public.

8- If the candidates who are in the final list and submit documents are more than 4 times the demand, those who will participate in the oral exam will attend the oral exam on 17.11.2022 at 10.00 at the General Directorate of TCDD Enterprise Human Resources Department Anafartalar Mah. Hippodrome Cad. It will be determined by drawing lots in the presence of a notary public at No:3 Altındağ/ANKARA.

9- TCDD website ( in the oral exam to be held between the dates to be announced in the announcements section, the candidates are determined by the members of the exam board; 10 points for their self-confidence, 10 points for their written communication, 10 points for their verbal communication, 20 points for their ability in observation-stress-problem solving, 50 points in the skill area, and 10 points for each question about the school they graduated from. Professional term 1 question, professional construction materials 2 questions and technical issues 2 questions, 50 points in the professional field, a total of 100 points will be evaluated. The success score of the candidate is the score he got in the oral exam. Starting from the candidate with the highest score
The number of original and the same number of substitute candidates will be determined as the number of workers demanded by means of

10- Of the candidates who will be successful as a result of the oral exam and will be employed as a railway traffic controller;

According to our Railway Safety Critical Missions Regulation Group A Health Conditions;

A Health Board Report, which includes 8 branches (eye, otorhinolaryngology, internal medicine, neurology, general surgery, psychiatry, cardiology, orthopedics and traumatology) signed by 8 physicians, will be requested from any of the Hospitals Authorized to Issue Health Committee Reports to Railway Safety Critical Missions Personnel.

The candidates who pass the oral exam will not be recruited if they do not have the statement "Group A works in safety-critical duties" in the medical board report and the desired evaluation results for vision/hearing examinations.

-In accordance with the TCDD Health and Psychotechnical Directive, the health board report received by the candidates for the branches of art for which group identification and psychotechnical evaluation will be made will be evaluated by the group designators. Candidates with a suitable group will be sent for psychotechnical evaluation. The recruitment process of candidates whose group is not suitable will be terminated, and substitute candidates, if any, will be called. As a result of the psychotechnical evaluation, the candidate deemed sufficient will be appointed. The candidate deemed unsatisfactory will be sent for a second psychotechnical evaluation within one month. The recruitment process of the candidate who is deemed inadequate for the second time will be terminated, and a substitute candidate, if any, will be called.

11- The Railway Traffic Controller to be assigned in our organization will work subject to the Labor Law No. 4857.

12-The trial period of the Railway Traffic Controller who started to work is 4 months, and the employment contract of those who are unsuccessful within the trial period will be terminated.

13-Assigned candidates will work at least 5 years in the workplace where they are appointed and will not be able to request a transfer within this period.

14-Assigned candidates can be operated day and night by 24 hourly basis.

15- Among the candidates who have been appointed and started to work, their employment contract within 7 years, those whose employment contract has been terminated according to the second paragraph of Article 4857 of the Labor Law No. 25, and the train workers who left by resignation, have received training, courses, internships, etc. ½ of the amount will be taken back as compensation by calculating the cost of the training program with the fee they receive during the training programs.

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