Sportquality Aims to Bring Championships to Turkish Sports

sportquality aims to bring championships to turkish sports
sportquality aims to bring championships to turkish sports

The “Sportquality” brand of the Progroup International Consulting firm aims to bring international championships to Turkish sports. Progroup International Consulting firm, which is among the supporters of National Taekwondo Young Female Athletes, and supporting institutions added value to bringing the European Championship in Taekwondo to Turkey. In the "International Albanian Open G1 Taekwondo Youth Category" held in Tirana, the capital of Albania, between 3- 2021 October 25 and attended by 32 teams from 1 countries, Turkey became the European Champion in the Taekwondo youth category.

Sports, culture and art activities have a great role in branding.

Providing information about the "Sportquality" brand, Progroup International Consulting Chairman Dr. Salim Cam said:

“It is possible for a country to become a brand not only with its products, but also with its culture, art and sports activities. As Progroup, we set out from here and created the "Sportquality" brand. We will continue to create value in making Turkish sports internationally competitive by obtaining private sector sponsorships and supports regarding Sportquality. We are planning discussions with the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Youth and Sports on the inclusion of Sportquality as an integrated or separate sector with Turquality studies.” said.

It is aimed to include women's sports teams in the scope of "Sportquality"

Explaining that they will continue Progroup's pioneering and leadership in Turquality with the Sportquality brand, Dr. Salim Çam continued his speech as follows:

“As Progroup, we are always in the position of being the founder of our sector and sharing it with our stakeholders. Currently, brands within the scope of Turquality and exporting are among our main stakeholders. We have always aimed to be a pioneer and founder for our Turkey. We supported our national young female athletes in taekwondo. First, we need to set an example so that it can be widespread. First, we support our Taekwondo Young Female Athletes to prepare for the Olympics. In fact, our goal is to support our women's sports teams such as swimming, volleyball, boxing and basketball within the scope of Sportquality.” he said.

Creating value should be a priority when building the business

Underlining the importance of creating value in a business, Dr. Salim Cam said:

“If you define the purpose of your business as creating value for Turkey, you will create value and aesthetics in your business while creating value for all your stakeholders. We undertook the founding of Sportquality for this purpose. A country, a company, or an individual may be good at their product. However, if there is branding in your sports, culture and art alongside these, sustainability and visibility will be higher and more effective. Therefore, the biggest contribution of Sportquality to companies and our country will be sustainability and visibility by increasing the image of the country globally. The biggest benefit is that it contributes to the increase of our country image. Firms that we provide consultancy regarding Turquality management and support naturally become members of Sportquality. On behalf of all our stakeholders who contribute to our achievements, we enrich the lives of our Turkey and our stakeholders. What is more important than who does the successful work is the success of our Turkey.” he said.

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