Inspiring Women Met at She's Mercedes Event

Inspiring women met at shes mercedes event
Inspiring women met at shes mercedes event

With the She's Mercedes platform, created by Mercedes-Benz inspired by successful and visionary women, La Mer, inspired by the sea and seaweeds in untouched waters, organized an event attended by important women of the society and business world.

Mercedes-Benz, a brand named after a woman, whose first test drive was made by a woman, held the new event of the She's Mercedes platform, which aims to inspire and encourage all women around the world, together with the iconic skin care brand La Mer. Inspiring women from different business lines met at the She's Mercedes event, which deals with the topics of “Good life, Experience, Innovation and Sustainability”. Among the participants of the event were names such as Şebnem Çapa, Siren Ertan, Melda Narmanlı Çimen, Ece Şirin, Ece Zaim and Seda Alaton.

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Speakers from Mercedes-Benz and La Mer brands shared their inspiring experiences at the event held at Six Senses Kocataş Mansion. In the interview moderated by Özlem Güsar; Topics such as “Sustainability”, “Innovation”, “Good Life” and “Experience” came to the fore. She's Mercedes and La Mer, aiming to create a brand new dialogue environment based on collective power among women, aim to give courage and strength to each other, with women aiming for the best.

Platform that inspires women She's Mercedes

She's Mercedes, an inspiration platform that brings together women who have dreams based on stories that leave their mark and those who have made them come true, aims to present a way of understanding that is born from a common point of view rather than just being a social community. With the platform that aims to encourage women to give each other courage and strength, women in more than 70 countries, including Turkey, can exchange opinions through online communities and social networks, and be inspired by the world of Mercedes-Benz and brand events. Bringing together successful and visionary women in its events, She's Mercedes continues to support women's encouragement with the belief that the power of inspiring minds will contribute to excellence.

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