Health Manager Hasan Akıl: There are Many Unknown Issues in Hair Transplantation Treatment

Hasan Akıl
Hasan Akıl

Hasan Akıl (Hasan Hüseyin Akıl), who is closely followed by Turkey and the world in hair transplantation, explained the unknowns in the treatment of hair transplantation and answered our questions.

Playing Health Manager and Hair Transplant Coordinator Who is Hasan Akıl?

Health Manager Hasan AKIL was born in Eskişehir in 1986. He continued his education at Atatürk Primary School and Health Vocational High School. He completed his undergraduate education in Health Institutions Management at Eskişehir Anadolu University and stepped into the health sector on hair transplantation and medical aesthetics.

Since 2008, the mind has undertaken important duties in the aesthetic and beauty sector in various hospitals in the position of coordinator. In 2010, he established the brand “Estemylife”. Thus, he successfully carried out the duties of General Manager and Hair Transplantation Coordinator of the brand he was the founder of. In 2020, he became one of the family founders of the 'Private AKL Polyclinic' brand, with a 2000 square meter closed area located in Ataşehir district of Istanbul and with nearly 100 personnel.

Hasan Akıl, who advises the leading brands of health tourism and advises the managers of the sector in the fields of dermatology, plastic surgery and cosmetic products: 'He has made various contributions to the development of health tourism all over the world and especially in European countries. In addition, he provided corporate consultancy for many newly opened and existing clinics, especially hair transplantation, in some countries that always look at the sector with innovations such as the Netherlands, Albania, Macedonia, Israel and Moldova.

"As a Football Referee and TFF (Turkish Football Federation) Licensed Football Player for many years, Mind is still serving as the Vice President of Eskişehir Sivrihisar Sports Club."

Having provided sponsor support to many Social Responsibility projects for the disabled, the relatives of Martyrs and Veterans and covered in the national press, Hasan Akıl took part in their programs voluntarily in a sustainable context.

Health Manager, who has received many certificates and participation certificates from the European Institute, IMM İsmek (Istanbul Vocational Training Course) and various public institutions serving under the leadership of the European Union. Hasan Akıl (Hasan Hüseyin Akın) is married and has two children.

Hair Transplant How Does the Process of Formation of Needs Begin and Why Does Hair Loss Occur?

If hair loss begins to be seen at a young age, it will become more pronounced and disturbing for you in the future. We restore the hair of thousands of people in hair transplantation, which allows your old hair to regain its natural appearance.

One of the most common cosmetic problems today is hair loss.

Since the cause of male pattern hair loss is 95% genetic, creams or oral medications unfortunately do not give the desired results. Hair loss may be due to hormonal changes or genetic factors in the family.

Although cosmetic products can prevent hair loss to some extent, it is best for you to consult a specialist if hair loss is visible. The hair transplant process is a fast, painless, healthy, non-tiring and definitive process. Anyone who does not have a condition that will prevent hair transplantation hair transplantation can do. New hair begins to appear 3 months after hair transplantation. After 1 year, the desired hair appearance is achieved.

  • What are Hair Transplantation or Hair Transplantation Methods? Is it a Painful and Painful Treatment?

As a matter of fact “There Are Many Unknown Issues in Hair Transplant Treatment.”

There are methods according to the needs of many people, such as hair transplantation and laser, and service is provided according to the situation of the person. Hair Transplantation process is completely it is painless.

Hair transplantation can be performed using only local anesthesia alone, or it can be used with sedatives. Unlike the FUE technique, the DHI hair transplantation method, which is a hair transplantation method, is encountered.

DHI hair transplantation method is the process of placing the hair follicles collected one by one from the patient in the transplantation area with the help of the implanter pen. The most obvious difference between FUE hair transplantation method and DHI hair transplantation is that it can be done without shaving.

The procedure, which can be done in 2 steps in normal hair transplantation methods, can also be seen as Direct Hair Transplantation as it can be performed in one step with DHI. Hair transplantation methods know no boundaries as time progresses, they continue to develop, we follow these developments and offer you the latest technology and healthy methods. If you do not have a disease that will prevent hair transplantation, there is no obstacle in front of you.

Hair Transplant How Does It Change Our Lives?

 Your first impression of the buildings around you is very important. If you don't like yourself and are bothered by your flaws, self-confidence problems and shyness towards people begin. Losing your hair, depending on age and genetics, hair may fall out over time.

Losing your hair can make you depressed. For people who want their hair back, hair transplantation has developed quite a lot in recent years. Along with technology, new hair transplantation techniques, new devices, new surgical methods were discovered. It is our job to bring you back to your old look by using the latest and best methods.

It is normal to have a hair transplant and lose hair. It is very important for your psychological health that your appearance is satisfactory. Hair loss is a condition that can be seen in both men and women. The person with hair loss may feel unhappy. In the last 20 years, hair transplantation techniques have developed considerably throughout the world and continue to give good results.

Hair Transplant How It's possible?

First of all, your expectation is important. Our doctors offer you methods according to what you expect from hair transplantation and what kind of result you want to get. These methods may vary according to your hair structure and head structure. After the desired result is determined, the region to be transplanted is selected.

Hair follicles that already exist in another part of your body are determined. Identified hair follicles are transported by transplantation methods. The more intense the hair loss, the longer the procedure time, and the pain rate is almost zero when these procedures are performed.

As the techniques that have been applied for years and the reliability of these techniques spread, the number of people who want to have a hair transplant started to increase.

Finally, if we ask and say “How Does Hasan Akıl See Hair Transplantation?” What would you like to tell us briefly?

“Hair Transplantation is a life-changing treatment as I have always mentioned. It is an indisputable treatment that prevents many psychological problems and the sociological confusion caused by them, and restores the self-confidence of patients with completely natural and technological methods.”



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