Retinar Surveillance Radars Meet Augmented Reality

retinal perimeter surveillance radars meet augmented reality
retinal perimeter surveillance radars meet augmented reality

Retinar Perimeter Surveillance Radars, developed by Meteksan Defense and actively used both at home and abroad, will be the eyes of the soldiers in the field with the new Augmented Reality application Retinar AR. Retinar AR, which enables the integration of a radar system with augmented reality for the first time both in Turkey and abroad, is exhibited at the Future Soldier Conference (International Future Military Conference).

Meteksan Defense participated in the “International Future Soldier” (International Future Military Conference) conference held in Ankara, which focuses on innovative technologies likely to be worn by soldiers in the future, with its newly developed Retinar AR.

Retinar AR will be the eye of the soldier in the field

Developed for the security of border and critical facilities, Retinar Perimeter Surveillance Radars detect moving targets in their area and inform the operator. Retinar Environmental Surveillance Radars, whose development was completed in 2015, have been actively used both at home and abroad since 2017.

With the Retinar AR, the soldier in the field will also be able to access the information of the targets found by the Retinar Perimeter Surveillance Radars via their mobile phone, tablet PC or smart glasses. The soldiers, who will communicate remotely with the Retinar Perimeter Surveillance Radar, will be able to see every object moving around them by holding their mobile phone camera to the field, and even access the detailed information of the target with smart glasses, thus providing situational awareness in a high-level field environment.

Simsoft – Meteksan Defense Cooperation

Retinar AR, which brings together a military radar system with augmented reality for the first time in the world, contains the most innovative technologies in its field. Developed locally and nationally with the cooperation of Meteksan Defense and Simsoft, Retinar AR will be the eye of the soldier in the field.

Meteksan Defense Radar Systems Deputy General Manager Adil Baktır said the following about Retinar AR; “The Retinar AR technology, which we have developed in cooperation with Simsoft and Meteksan Defense, enables the ground and air targets detected by Retinar radars to appear virtually on the existing devices in the hands of our soldiers, making targets invisible to the naked eye in the field or behind the suture visible to our soldiers. It also makes us proud to present an important technology that increases the situational awareness of the soldiers of the future as a domestic and national product to the taste of our soldiers today.”

Selcuk Alparslan, General Manager of Meteksan Defense, also made a statement; “As Meteksan Defense, we took an important responsibility and developed Retinar Environmental Surveillance Radars entirely with our own resources. Today, we take great pride in the successful use of these radar systems both at the border, at military bases and abroad. As an innovative defense industry company, we also attach great importance to adapting developing technologies to our systems. In this context, we combined Augmented Reality technology with Retinar Perimeter Surveillance Radars, enabling us to transmit instantaneous location information of radar targets to the hands of our soldiers in the field and in operation, without the need for an additional new device. Thus, for example, when the soldier points the camera of his mobile phone to the surrounding terrain, we will be able to see the targets found by the Retinar radars located in a different location on the mobile phone, or when our soldiers start to use smart glasses in the future, we will be able to show radar information on these glasses. This is a first-of-its-kind application in the world, and I am very pleased that Turkish engineers developed it in collaboration with two important defense industry companies.” He gave information about the Retinar AR system using his expressions.

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