Commemorative Stamp on Sharks from PTT

Commemorative Stamp From PTT on Dogfish
Commemorative Stamp From PTT on Dogfish

From 36 shark species living in the seas of Turkey by PTT AŞ; Four commemorative stamps with the theme "Sharks" and the first day envelope were put into circulation on October 22, 2021, featuring the images of the Great White Shark, the Great Tearbill Shark, the Stubhead Monster Shark, the Blue Shark, the Hammerhead Shark, and the Sand Tiger Shark.

Commemorative stamp with the theme “Sharks” with a value of 4x4TL (38 x 38 mm in size), the first day envelope with a cost of 18,50 TL belonging to the said stamp, at PTT workplaces, belonging to the PTT It was offered for sale on the web address and on the philately mobile application.

PTT Stamp Museum Hacı Bayram Mah. At Atatürk Bulvarı No:13 Ulus Altındağ/ANKARA, the first day stamp with the inscription "Dog Fishes 22.10.2021 ANKARA" has started to be used.

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