Perkotek Turnstile Systems

perkotek turnstile systems
perkotek turnstile systems

Turnstile systems are used in places such as factories, large offices, universities, airports, public and organizations, plazas, smart buildings, hospitals, logistics places, stores, where the entrances and exits are constantly crowded, because the transitions are controlled and limited. are the most economically priced transition systems. It is also referred to as restraint systems.

Many types of turnstile systems are housed. These types are mainly expressed as follows; tall turnstile systems, disabled access systems, fast turnstile systems, tripod turnstile systems. These are the most requested systems.

Boy turnstile systems their purpose is to provide security and control of passage. Turnstile systems that prevent unauthorized passages are more preferred in places such as stadiums, museums, construction sites, prisons, concert venues. Safety is of the utmost importance as there is a large crowd of people in such places. The parts that make up the height turnstiles are: head, base, turning shaft, side columns.

Disabled access turnstile is made to make the passage of our disabled citizens the easiest. The wing of the disabled turnstiles is made of plexiglass. It opens 90 degrees and ensures the passage and exit of people with wheelchairs or crutches in the best and trouble-free way.

Quick turnstiles are highly preferred and used in terms of appearance and for safe entry and exit.

Fast turnstiles are used in places such as holdings, plazas, municipalities, sports halls, universities and similar educational places, ministries building places. These systems consist of 2 bodies, thus forming a corridor. Wings made of 2 pieces of plexiglass coming out of the bodies move inwards or outwards and provide the passage. In unauthorized passages, it warns people by giving a signal, and if desired, it closes and prevents the passages.

Tripod Turnstile (Three Arm turnstiles) is the most commonly used, applied and preferred tourniquet type today. It is preferred because it is suitable for every environment for security reasons. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use just like full-length turnstiles. Arms angled at 120 degrees work connected to a hub and mechanism in the middle.

Three arm barrier It can be used in places such as military areas, shopping malls, dining halls, sports halls, activity areas, fair entrances, public transportation, hospitals.

VIP Turnstiles are used at building entrances, workplaces, cinemas, shopping malls, factories and are generally used to facilitate the passage of managers or guests.

Turnstile System With its modular structure, it can be installed within 1 hour, the system can be activated and the person can start the task of limiting access. It does not have a long-term installation phase.

Turnstiles (Except Quick Turnstile) With IP65 protection class, they can be used safely indoors and outdoors even in adverse weather conditions such as rain, etc., together with their interior and exterior parts, their arms are made of 304 quality stainless steel, resistant to corrosion and long-lasting.

Another feature of the turnstile is that it works with the remote control receiver, button, card reader, password, card coin pass system with its external trigger feature thanks to the advanced motherboard feature. It can also be used by adding an additional product. In addition, it works in harmony with the panels and ticket systems connected to the automation system, preventing unauthorized passages and keeping your passages safe.

Turnstile motherboard has high quality pcb and electronic components. It works without being affected by environmental electromagnetic noise.

Tourniquet In case of power cut and emergency, the arm automatically drops down, allowing you to pass unhindered and quickly. Thanks to its patented lubrication system, it minimizes the need for maintenance. Since it can be mounted on the ground from two points, the turnstile works without shaking in transitions. It is in a fixed way. Cheapest turnstile prices Contact us for 0850 811 80 00 and

With the LED warning systems on the turnstile, it eliminates confusion by guiding in the direction of the passage with bright LED signs. Ergonomic plexi design facilitates face recognition, fingerprint reading and card reader insertion.

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