People of Alaşehir Izmir Meeting

people of alasehir met in izmir
people of alasehir met in izmir

İzmir, the neighboring province of Manisa, has almost as many people from Manisa as a population of Manisa. One of them is Alaşehir, the grape paradise of Manisa, which meets 90% of the country's grape needs, and Kemaliye village, which was once its town and now its neighborhood, is famous for its grapes.

Alaşehir Kemaliyeliler Association, which became an association with the volunteers living in and around Alaşehir on January 2020, 15, continues to do very valuable work in a short time. Kemaliyeliler Association is an example of strength in civil society by coming together for unity and solidarity. The members of the association, who came together for a breakfast 1,5 months after its establishment, gained confidence in the members of the association with a participation to be proud of. And the only bad luck is that 3 days after breakfast, everything stopped in the world with a global epidemic. And they waited.

After 1,5 years of difficult process, the Kemaliyeliler Association, which embraced a wider community of citizens, organized another event to increase its power with its compatriots.

Evidence of the solidarity in associations, which are an important link in the organization of civil society, on Saturday evening, October 16th. Bayraklı The Municipality embraced all its compatriots with the “Alaşehir People's Night” at the Pool Restaurant Facilities. In the event, whose guest list was limited considering the pandemic conditions, the temperature of every guest who came to the hall was taken to the hall by HES code controls. Alaşehir Mayor Ahmet Öküzcüoğlu, provincial and district administrators of political parties, chairman, management and members of non-governmental organizations from Manisa, and many citizens of Alaşehir from the public and business world came together for the night. During the night, Derya Derin entertained the guests with her crystalline voice, while some songs were accompanied by poetry and tango. After the long and tense restriction, the people of Alaşehir found a bit of morale tonight as well.

Kemaliyeliler Association President Ahmet Kandemir said, “The global epidemic CoronaVirus, which surrounded the whole world, made the whole society timid and anxious. But the rules stretched by vaccination have led people to be a little more together. We wanted to come together with our fellow countrymen by following the rules and warning our members sensitively for days. We conveyed our event conditions to our guests for days. And we took our guests to the hall with a strict control at the entrance of the hall. Although we turned down many requests due to the pandemic conditions, we did not victimize the guests who came to the door. And we embraced all our compatriots. This participation made us infinitely happy. Our Mayor of Alaşehir, Ahmet Öküzcüoğlu, did not leave us alone in İzmir in this beautiful night with food, music, poetry and tango. We have already realized this night with the support and participation of our Alaşehir municipality. We would like to thank Mr. President for his support. Manisa, Alaşehir and İzmir are not considered as expatriates, but if you live in another city, they are considered expatriate because you are outside the land where you were born. We thought of coming together to make our association and our fellow citizens feel that they are never alone and to be in solidarity like a family. And we will carry out our activities to ensure a permanent connection with Alaşehir and our village of Kemaliye. We have many activity projects related to farming, education, women, children and art, and we will implement them. In this sense, we will always be in contact with our Alaşehir Municipality and the district municipalities in İzmir.”

Alaşehir Mayor Ahmet Öküzcüoğlu completed the program with his fellow countrymen in the hall until the end of the program. Although some of the deputies were invited to the night, they could not attend due to their programs and they gave the message "Our Hearts are with You" with flowers and telegrams.

In the night, Manisa, Alaşehir, members of the 45 Manisa Associations Union, which was established a while ago, Sarıgölliler Association, Alaşehirliler Association, Kulalılar Association, Manisa Köprübaşı Association, Demirci Yörükler Association, Salihlililer Association, Selendililer Association Presidents and boards of directors and members, and some Balkan associations and federations. presidents and managers attended.

Finally, the president of the association, Kandemir, said, “To our Mayor of Alaşehir, Mr. Ahmet Öküzcüoğlu, who did not spare his support while preparing this meaningful night, who supported us with the allocation of a hall. Bayraklı I would like to thank our Mayor, Mr. Serdar Sandal.
We are the architects of this night.

They are the people of Alaşehir and all our compatriots. We say that we are about to meet at another event and do significant events that touch people.”

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