Advantages of Normal Birth

Advantages of Normal Birth
Advantages of Normal Birth

Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Op. Dr. Ulviye Ismailova gave information about the subject. Getting pregnant and giving birth to a baby is an extremely happy and exciting event for women. Especially giving birth and holding the baby in her womb is seen as a miraculous event. The most worrying event for many expectant mothers who experience their first pregnancy during pregnancy will be the question of which delivery method they will hold their baby in. Babies are born by normal delivery or cesarean section.

When women become pregnant, the date of their last menstruation is taken as the beginning of the date of birth. From this date, it takes 40 weeks for the baby to grow and fully develop. The fetus, which has completed its 40th week, will have entered the birth process. If it is a normal birth; It is defined as the separation of the baby from the mother's body by the vaginal route with the head down. The placenta and membranes are also expelled spontaneously after the baby is born. Of course, not every pregnancy is expected to complete the 40th week for normal delivery. Most pregnancies end with normal birth symptoms occurring between 37-40 weeks.

The advantages of normal birth can be listed as follows.

Normal Birth Advantages 

• After resting for a short time, she can stand up, eat, drink and breastfeed her baby.

• The bond between mother and baby is established very quickly.

• It is possible for them to get pregnant as many times as they want and give birth to a baby.

• You are discharged from the hospital in a much shorter time.

• The risk of bleeding, pain or infection is less than other operations.

• Babies show the ability to grasp the mother's breast better.

• Babies' lungs are compressed during birth, so they experience less respiratory distress.

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