Metro Istanbul Employees Will Pull the 47 Ton Train

metro istanbul employees will pull the ton train
metro istanbul employees will pull the ton train

The most powerful names of Turkey will again compete in the Istanbul metro, Turkey's strongest urban rail system. The competition, which we are accustomed to seeing in extreme documentaries, will be staged in the Istanbul metro. After the struggle between 5 teams of 9 people consisting of Metro Istanbul employees, professional athletes will make a show of strength.

Metro Istanbul, one of the subsidiaries of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), Turkey's strongest urban rail system operator, continues to support sports and athletes. The second of the Metro Istanbul Strongman Challenge Train Pulling Competition, the first of which was held last year, will be held on Sunday, October 24 at 11.00:XNUMX in the Metro Istanbul Alibeyköy Campus.

At the event, which will be held in cooperation with Metro Istanbul and Turkey Powerlifting, Strongman and Streetworkout Federation; A train pulling competition will be held between 5 teams of 9 people each consisting of Metro Istanbul employees. Then, National Athlete Cenk Koçak and professional strongman athletes Bora Güner, Fatih Karaca, Gökhan Çiçek, Oktay Akay, Ozan Yaykır, Tuna Sivas and Tuna Tavus will compete. Within the scope of the competition held last year to pull the train weighing 33,5 tons, the tram vehicle weighing 5 tons, which was used on the T46,9 Cibali-Alibeyköy Pocket Bus Terminal Tram Line, will be towed this year.


Metro Istanbul General Manager Özgür Soy stated that they are always ready to support sports and athletes and said, “We are excited to be holding the second of the Metro Istanbul Strongman Challenge Train Pulling Competition, the first of which we organized last year despite the difficult pandemic conditions. Being able to watch our competition together with the people of Istanbul this year increases our excitement even more. We carry more than 16 million Istanbulites every day on our 2 lines. Metros are not just iron trains, it is our employees who give them their souls and move them. Train pulling competition; It has two meanings for us as it symbolizes the strength of our employees who continue to carry Istanbul by doing their duty uninterruptedly and selflessly without saying epidemic, earthquake or disaster.


Sunday, 24 October

  • 11.00 – 12.30 Metro Istanbul Employees Race
  • 12.40 – 13.40 Professional Athletes Strongman Race
  • 13.40 – 14.10 Professional Athletes VikingPress Race
  • 14.10 – 14.30 Award Ceremony

What is Strongman?

From past to present, athletes used to perform strongman sports by performing movements such as “Bent Press” (Lifting the weight on the trunk by bending), “Log Press” (Lifting a thick log upside down). They lift heavy weights, as well as bending steel bars, breaking chains, etc. They used to perform various demonstrations by applying movements. These lifts required large amounts of wrist, hand, and tendon strength, as well as extraordinary central nervous system strength.

In the late 20th century, the term "Strongman" developed to describe people competing in this branch.

More modern strength competitions, in which athletes perform exercises such as pulling trucks, turning large tires, squatting with heavy weights, continue to be held today.

The most important of these competitions are; The World's Strongest Man is the Arnold Strongman Classic and the Giants Live Tour. However, many countries also organize competitions at the national level.

In recent years, interest in grassroots sports has increased rapidly and competitions at local level have begun to be organized around the world.

What is VikingPress?

VikingPress, one of the stages in Strongman competitions, is performed by lifting the weights that are increased in each repetition with shoulder strength. The stage that has traditionally been in the form of derivatives in strongman competitions for many years. It can also be performed with stable weights as a repetition competition. In this competition, professional strongman athletes will compete by increasing the weights in each repetition.

About Athletes:

Bora Guner:

1st place in Arm Wrestling Turkey, 1st place in Strict Curl GPA Turkey, 3rd place in Arm Wrestling Europe, 2020st place in 1 Metro Istanbul Strongman Challenge Train Pulling Competition.

Cenk Kocak:

6 years in a row Turkey Powerlifting Championship Champions Champion, 2019 Tire Park Strongman Launch Champion, 2019 IPF World Powerlifting Championship World record holder, 2020 European Interuniversity Powerlifting Championship Champions Champion, 2021 World Powerlifting Championship World 3rd.

Fatih Karaca:

2019 WSL Strongman Championship competitor

Gokhan Cicek:

1st place in the GPA Euroasia Strict Curl Championship.

Oktay Akay:

2016 Turkey Powerlifting Championship Turkey 2nd, 2017 Turkey Powerlifting Championship Turkey champion, 2018 GPA European Powerlifting Championship 3rd European, 2019 WPA European Powerlifting Championship European Champion.

Ozan Yaykir:

2021 Strongman Euro Truck Pull (Georgia) competitor

Tuna Sivas:

2020 Turkey Powerlifting Championship 3rd place in Turkey, 2020nd place in 2 Metro Istanbul Strongman Challenge Train Pulling Competition.

Tuna Peacock:

Turkey Powerlifting Championship Turkey 3rd.

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