Metro and Tram Workers in İzmir Go on Strike

metro and tram workers in izmir go on strike
metro and tram workers in izmir go on strike

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Metro AŞ made a statement regarding the process of collective bargaining with the Demiryol İş Union affiliated to Türk-İş. In the statement, it was noted that despite all the well-intentioned steps taken and the serious improvements made, the union ended the meeting by stating that it was not open to any proposals other than the draft it presented. It was also stated that Metro AŞ is open to negotiation if the union requests to review the draft and continue the negotiations.

A statement came from the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality about the collective bargaining meetings between Metro AŞ, one of the important elements of urban public transportation in Izmir, and the Demiryol İş Union within the body of Türk-İş. The full text of the statement, which includes all the details about the process, is as follows:

“To the attention of the people of Izmir;

Izmir Metro A.S. In the collective bargaining negotiations that started on April 20, 2021, between the Union and the Demiryol İş Union, an agreement was reached on 69 articles of the draft with a total of 60 articles.

Despite the strike decision, at the meeting held on 13 October 2021 upon the call of our authorized union SODEMSEN, while the negotiations on the remaining items were continuing and the proposals were being revised positively by the employer; the labor union ended the meeting by declaring that they were not open to any proposals other than the draft they had submitted.
Within the scope of this collective bargaining, a very serious improvement has been achieved in the economic rights and interests of our workers so that they can reach a better level of welfare;

  • Fuel allowance of 57,00 TL per month, 200,00 TL/month in the first year, 270,00 TL/month in the second year,
  • 70% overtime wage of 75%,
  • The 15% nightly increase is 20% in the first year of the contract, 30% in the second year,
  • 1+2 wages for working on national holidays and general holidays where 1+3 wages are paid,
  • Combined social assistance that did not exist before, 200 TL/month in the first year, 300 TL/month in the second year,
  • Marriage allowance of 254,00 TL, 800,00 TL,
  • Birth allowance of 158,00 TL, 550,00 TL,
  • Disaster aid of 1.150,00 TL, 2.000,00 TL,
  • Leave allowance of 223,00 TL, 600,00 TL

has been accepted as However;

  • Educational allowance of 215,00 TL for each child studying in primary school, 1.400,00 TL/year,
  • Educational aid of 215,00 TL for each child studying in secondary school is 1.550,00 TL/year,
  • A tuition aid of 430,00 TL for each child studying in high school is 1.800,00 TL/year,
  • Educational aid of 645,00 TL for each child receiving higher education is 2.500,00 TL/year,
  • The business risk premium of 71,00 TL is 130,00 TL/month,
  • The business risk premium of 110,00 TL is 180,00 TL/month,
  • Business risk premium of 137,00 TL is 230,00 TL/month

Although it was suggested as a stimulus and an increase of 30,00 TL in daily wages was offered, our proposals were not accepted by the union, nor were they taken into consideration. According to our offers, as of August 1, 2021, the lowest monthly wage for a married metro driver with one child; bonus is 5.034,00 TL excluding travel, meals, educational aids and overtime, 6.150,00 TL including bonus.
In the light of this information, the rate of increase suggested by İzmir Metro AŞ is 31.9 percent on average. In the lowest salary group, this rate is 37.7 percent. The rate of increase according to the clothed wages goes up to 43.1 percent. Again, a proposal was made that proposes very serious increases in social rights.

Another point that should be known to the public is that the rate of increase accepted by the union in the collective agreement signed with the same union in İZBAN AŞ about 6 months ago was 25.1%.

According to the proposal proposed by İzmir Metro AŞ, the metro employee will be paid 19.3% more than the lowest group employee in İZBAN AŞ.

It is well known to the public how self-sacrificing we are in increasing the economic and welfare levels of our employees. However, there are limits to the financial possibilities of our municipality. Although our proposals are constantly revised by pushing these limits, we do not find it well-intentioned that the labor union insists on the demands in the draft without taking any steps back and eventually leaves the table for no reason; We would like to state that we are open to negotiation if the union requests to reconsider its draft and continue negotiations, since we think that our municipality, Metro employees and the people of İzmir do not deserve a strike under these conditions.
We present it to the public.

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