Mercedes-Benz Türk Continued Bus Driver Trainings with Kale Travel Drivers

mercedes benz turk continued their bus driver training with castle travel drivers
mercedes benz turk continued their bus driver training with castle travel drivers

Mercedes Benz Turk; Lastly, Kale Seyahat drivers benefited from the “Bus Driver Trainings” organized for public, fleet and individual bus customers. Participants received "Economic Vehicle Usage Training" and "Vehicle Introduction Training" in the trainings held at the Mercedes-Benz Türk Training Center for 19 drivers of Kale Seyahat between 21-18 October.

The Bus Driver Training Program, which has been organized for more than 15 years, has been given considering the pandemic conditions since 2020. While there were a maximum of 6 participants in each group in the training organized for Kale Seyahat drivers, the training lasted 3 days in total. Thanks to this event, Kale Seyahat drivers also obtained detailed information about the new Tourismos added to the company's fleet in 2021.

In the last 5 years, more than 2.500 drivers from the coach sector alone have benefited from these trainings, which aim to spread a safe, economical, comfortable and forward-thinking new vehicle driving style throughout the country for the public benefit.

Training in 2 different contexts

Bus Driver Trainings are organized in 2 different scopes as “Economic Vehicle Usage Training” and “Vehicle Promotion Training”. Bus drivers and companies can benefit from the theoretical and practical training organized mobile at the “Mercedes-Benz Türk Training Center” located in the Mercedes-Benz Türk Marketing Center Campus in Hadımköy, Istanbul, or optionally at the company facilities.

Within the scope of Vehicle Promotion Trainings, technical presentation of vehicles is carried out, and it is aimed to use Mercedes-Benz's new bus technologies efficiently. In this way, it is aimed to increase driving and passenger transport performance, increase comfort for drivers and passengers, and ensure the condition of the driver and thus driving safety thanks to the correct operation of comfort systems. These developments after the training return to the companies as customer satisfaction.

With the Economic Driving Trainings, Mercedes-Benz's new bus driving assistance systems, Euro 6 engine and Powershift transmission technology are used efficiently, as well as increasing customer profitability and productivity thanks to the new driving philosophy; It is also aimed to reduce fuel, maintenance and consumables expenses. All these contribute to prolonging the life of the vehicle as well as saving time and money.

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