The Target in Tangerine Exports is 500 Million Dollars

million dollars target in tangerine export
million dollars target in tangerine export

Harvest and export time for the world-famous satsuma tangerine of İzmir, which is a natural vitamin C store in autumn and winter, acts as a shield against flu and colds, strengthens the body's immune system under pandemic conditions, and leaves a unique taste in the mouth with its smell and aroma.

The harvest of satsuma tangerine, which is the most preferred tangerine species, will begin on October 24, 2021, while its export journey will begin on Wednesday, October 27, 2021.

Aegean Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Exporters' Association President Hayrettin Plane stated that they expect tangerines to see more demand in the epidemic environment, and that they foresee 2020 million dollars of tangerine exports to reach 437 million dollars and 500 million dollars of satsuma tangerines to 163 million dollars by 200.

Pointing out that there has been a one-week delay in the harvest of satsuma tangerines this year due to climate change, Uçar said, “The first export date of satsuma, which was on October 2020 in 19, was set as October 27 this year. While İzmir's tangerine harvest was 2020 thousand tons in 108, 76 thousand tons were detected this year. Despite the decline in yield in the Aegean Region, Turkey's overall yield is good and product quality is high, increasing our hopes that 2021 will be a fruitful year. We wish our producers and exporters a good season”.

Russians loved Satsuma the most.

While most of Turkey's satsuma exports of 2020 million dollars were made to the Russian Federation in 108, Ukraine took the second place with 32 million dollars of satsuma tangerine exports. If the owner of the third step; Serbia with 3,7 million dollars. Turkey exported satsuma tangerines to 2020 countries in 49.

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